List of Folk High School Classes

Below you will find an alphabetical list of our Folk High School Classes at International People’s College.

The world is the main focus for almost all the classes offered at International People’s College – in one way or the other. It can be a regional focus like for example in ‘African Studies‘ or ‘European Studies‘, a cultural focus like in ‘World Cinema‘ or ‘African Drum and Dance‘, or a sustainable and progress oriented focus on the world like for example  in ‘Sustainable Gardening‘ or ‘Development Managing‘. Some classes are more general like ‘Choir‘, ‘Yoga‘, ‘Band-playing‘, ‘Photography‘ ‘Debate Club‘ , ‘Work Out‘ etc., but since students at International People’s College come from all over the world, there is almost always an international twist to the classes. Students are free to create their own timetables according to their interests and motivations.

It is important to notice that classes offered may change from term to term according to the teachers and students at International People’s College. In general all classes listed underneath will be on offer, but sometimes classes are replaced and therefore you can not totally rely on one certain class as a motivation to come to International People’s College. You should be interested in International People’s College as a whole if you apply. Furthermore you need to have basic English language skills to participate in classes etc.

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You choose you own time table

During the first week of your term you will be introduced to the classes offered from which you will put together your own schedule. 2-4 classes will be offered in the same time sloth so you will have to choose between them to create your time table. It can be very frustrating if your favourite subjects are on offer at the same time sloth and you like that will have to choose between them, but no matter what you will get the chance to create a time table that interest you. If you are attending a whole term (24 or 18 weeks) you will get the opportunity to change your schedule halfway through and pick new Folk High School classes. Every student must reach a minimum of 28 lessons a week – but trust us, the biggest problem will be which classes NOT to choose.

About International People’s College

International People’s College is a Folk High School in Denmark focusing on global studies and the world.


Life at International People’s College

Everyday life at IPC is very different from traditional high school’s. Find out what the folk high school life is about and what it is like to study at IPC.



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