Teacher(s): Søren Launbjerg

Lessons: 4/week

Singing in a choir can make you high when everything works. You are actively expressing yourself and listening to your fellow singers at the same time. You experience the perfect teamwork – and furthermore singing together usually boosts your mood. We sing songs from the pop-rock repertoire and sometimes songs from musicals.

In this class Folk High School Class – Choir – you will learn to sing in different voice groups and you will gain experience and skills related to the use of the most wonderful instrument – your voice. Your singing skills will improve and your voice will become stronger. You will learn important performing skills that might come in handy in many situations.

There will be a warm up and training module at the beginning of each class and you will learn several exercises useful when training or repairing your voice. We will divide the choir in 4 voice groups. Learn songs and gradually build a repertoire for performances at International People’s College and at different cultural events in the local area.


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