There are three (3) steps that ALL applicants have to fulfill in order for their folk high school application to be considered at International People’s College. After completing Step 3, allow several weeks for the folk high school application committee to evaluate your application and for the administration to get back to you. If you are applying for the short summer courses go to ‘Summer School’ and choose your course to apply.


STEP 1: (Essay)
Write a 200-300 word essay specifying your reasons for applying to our particular school, describe your expectations for your stay, tell us about your plans for your future education/occupation and about your hobbies and interests in general.

Please answer the following three questions in particular:
1) How and why did you choose International People’s College and what aspect(s) of the International People’s College experience are you particularly looking forward to?
2) What are your interests, personality, goals and dreams?
3) How do you want to use your International People’s College experience in the future?

Save this essay in a text editor (Ex: Microsoft Word), and have it ready for Step 2.


STEP 2: (Online application form)
Fill out the online application form (opens in a separate window) which only takes 10-15 minutes. Under the rubric Essay, you will need to paste the essay you wrote in Step 1. Read carefully and accept the IPC General Terms and Conditions by ticking the appropriate box. Then submit the online application.


STEP 3: (Print, sign, scan and send)
Print out the folk high school application and the Letter of Attorney as instructed in the pop-up window that is going to appear at the end of the online application procedure (the same links are going to be sent to your email address as well). Sign and scan the printed application and letter of attorney and attach them to an email together with a passport photograph. Send them to apply@ipc.dk. Remember to email your folk high school application well in advance. The visa process can easily take five or more months depending on your country of origin.


When you have sent your application

After having sent your application and your personal essay to International People’s College you will receive a confirmation from the school, if you are accepted or not. In relation to this you will be informed about how and when you are going to pay fees. Fees are always paid prior to the term start at our Danish Folk High School.

Also, if you are accepted to the school you will need a visa. Read more about how to apply and about visa rules here.

Visa Rules

Are you interested in joining International People’s College but need to know more about Folk High School visa rules for your situation then read on here.


Prepare for your stay

If you are coming for the winter or summer term, either way it is always good to prepare for your stay. Read about the dos and dont’s of packing here.



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