Teacher(s): Felicity Markdal

Lessons:  2/week

Yoga literally means “union”, it is an ancient art, with a plethora of modern styles and ways, that seeks to connect us to ourselves and the world around us, through breathing and body movement we learn how to understand ourselves and build strength to navigate the turbulence of everyday life

In this Folk High School  Yoga Class, you learn different asanas (the yogi term for body poses). Asanas that can help release physical and emotional negativity from your body and give you better strength and posture to take on the world. There is also a small amount of meditation and a rather large amount of physical and mental challenges to make you sweat, extend and grow your body and mind.

We work with our bodies in different poses, whether alone or in pairs and groups, extending and stretching our minds and bodies to take us to a better place and form. Very often we also sweat, giggle and experience a little muscle pain, but all in the name of inner peace!


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