Danish Language 1 – for beginners

Teacher(s): Jael Nordbek Azoulay

Lessons: 4/week

Danish language is a part of the identity of the Danes. It has a certain pronunciation and a certain “sound” that most of you will find quite difficult to imitate. But it is fun to try and you get a little closer to understanding the Danes by learning a little of their language.

Learning a new language is also trying to communicate even though you only have very limited skills. It is having the courage to try and the motivation to learn more about the basic characteristics of the structure and pronunciation of the Danish language.

Danish 1 is for absolute beginners from all over the world. The main focus of the Folk High School Danish Language Class is not on the grammar of the Danish language, but on listening, understanding and speaking as much as possible. You will be introduced to the basic characteristics of the Danish language. You will learn how to introduce yourself in Danish, how to order from the menu in a café or restaurant and make small conversations in Danish.

You will gain self-confidence in using a new language presumably very different from your own, as you listen to small Danish dialogues and try to understand as much as possible and to answer questions about the dialogues.

During this Folk High School Danish Language Class we practice pronunciation. The students practice small conversations. We play games for learning numbers and time and once in a while we will listen to lyrics in Danish music.

Danish Language 2 – advanced

Teacher(s): Merete Elmquist Lentz

Lessons: 4/week

Danish Language 2 is for students who already have some knowledge of Danish. You might have Danish relatives or maybe you have taken the Danish Language class 1 and feel ready to proceed.

In this Folk High School Danish Language Class we work with many different materials and methods! Listening, talking, reading and writing. Dialogues, texts, songs, films, games and culture.

For some students the pronunciation is quite hard in Danish, so we spend time on that too.

The students bring many suggestions and questions during classes and the atmosphere and culture in class is very important for learning and enjoying.


N.b. It is also possible to join the Summer School: Danish Language, Culture and Society for three weeks if your are interested in learning or improving your Danish Language and experiencing Denmark.

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