Architecture and Design 

Teacher(s): Marietta Kolind

Lessons: 4/week

Architecture and Design is for the students, who want to be able to recognize and understand aesthetically beautiful, functional and sustainable architecture and design. Understanding architecture and design opens up a world of experiences. Being able to understand design is a prerequisite for a prosperous, healthy and sustainable culture.

Focus will be on architecture and design from Scandinavia in the 20th and 21st century, but also the geographical location of a building in relation to the use of light. Students will learn about spaceplanning, classical furnitures from Denmark and the designers behind them, and also get insights in what makes a special atmosphere in a room etc.

The subjects will draw parallels to the contemporaries, historically and culturally works like:

  •  Works by achitects as Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Bo & Wohlert, BIG etc.
  •  Designers as Finn Juhl, Wegener, Børge Mogensen, Louise Campell, Alva Alto etc.
  •  Design i movies: The modern house in the 50th, etc.
  •  Welfare Design / Design for the Common Good
  • Green Design / Green Growth
  • From Classic design to Substainable design and Index Award to improve life
  • Style history from the Vikings up till today

The class will evolve around lectures, group research, hands on work with materials and drawing, work shops and guided tours to Copenhagen, Hellebæk and around in Elsinore, where we will visit, discuss and analyse details of good architecture. We will also visit exhibitions and museums and bring Danish design and art under a “microscope”. 

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