Us & Them

Teacher(s): Susan Nyatanga 

Lessons: 4/week

We talk about shrinking borders, a global world and melting pots. The language is fancy and catchy but in reality – what’s on the ground? Borders are being erected, terror attacks seem to be growing by the day targeting those different from “us” and we are witnessing clear hatred and fear of “them”. Who is US though, and who are THEM? Given such divisions, discrimination and in some cases hostilities- are people afraid, hateful, violent or simply uninformed and limited in knowledge of who the others are? Students will look back from Slave Trade Period, holocaust days, apartheid, terrorism, anti-migration, anti-gay discussions amongst others. The subject also seeks to find out our role as global citizens and as future leaders and being at a school that was founded on Peace Initiatives. What role can we play, and can we be the agents the world needs to create “WE”- ending these separating divisions based on color, religion, class, sexuality and nationality?

Teaching and learning about the above topics can be sensitive and painful for most people. Instead of avoiding talking about it, the course provides a safe environment where students can ask the sensitive and burning questions, air out their opinions and deepen their understanding without being judged.

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Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. We focus on cultural education, cultural meetings and global development.



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