Teacher(s): Angelo Gonzalez / Rod Lee

Lessons: 2/week

In the context of an international school, this Folk High School Sports Class is based on the opportunity to mix students from different cultures and backgrounds and create a sense of unity and bonding through sports.

Sports is almost like a universal language that everyone speaks and understands. That is why it is a powerful tool to connect people.

Besides classical games like volleyball, basketball or badminton, in this class, you will get a chance to learn new games and new approaches to sports. Indian Kabaddi, Polish Manzo or alternative versions of the very international Capture the Flag.

Each class will run two different games and create a rotation between teams. Students can request their favourite games and help manage small tournaments. More outdoor games are also encouraged like Flag-football, Ultimate Frisbee and Nordic Softball.

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Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. We focus on cultural education, cultural meetings and global development.



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