IPC Walks and Talks

Teacher(s): Susan Nyatanga 

Lessons: 4/week

Requirements: Comfortable shoes, smartphone with step counting app, earphones.

The Folk High School class Walk. and Talk is a mindfulness-based body-oriented therapy – the safest and most natural activity for health and fitness.

This class creates a number of opportunities. It can be beneficial for students who wish to get fit, but are not in the space or shape to jump straight into the gym. Some may be lacking the financial means to access such workout programs. It can also be perfect for those who would have spent the greater part of their day sitting inside and now need a bit of time out in nature – breathing fresh air and rejuvenating.

By walking around the local area of Elsinore, Denmark, students also get to know more about the area they are living in. Planned walks will mix different environments – parks, forests, beach, downtown. Keywords are: learning about the local area, exercising and fresh air. This Folk High School class makes exercising a social part of life. There is also an element of accountability to the group where we share our progress, growth and encourage each other.

The class gives a chance to talk with other students and all walks will include an activity. We will e.g., select a topic to discuss such as youth challenges, sometimes listening to thought provoking podcasts as we walk. We can also share some of our motivating songs by compiling playlist – creating an opportunity to know each other better through music.

The class will start with a short introduction explaining the day’s activity and will end with a reflection of observations, discussions etc. Weather should and will not be a hindrance. We will walk come rain, snow or thunder.

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