Create and Build with IPC

Teacher(s): Mette Skamris and Kasper Hansen

Lessons: 4/week


IPC offers for the first time the opportunity for you to create and build with IPC. The class is an experimental learning process, where you will gain skills and knowledge of how to get from ideas (which we have developed in the first 12 weeks) to standing structures with sustainability as the key guiding principle in our work. 

This is your chance to engage in and spend time bringing projects to life that will benefit the IPC community for many years to come.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

  • Benjamin Franklin

By getting experience with planning and constructing a project you will also have gained life-skills that you can take with you beyond IPC, and be able to plan and implement small-scale projects where your life for yourself, the community and the environment. 

Methods: In this class we will start with 2 project areas on campus: 

  1. The area in front of the dining hall, where a nice seating area will be created
  2. The area leading in to and out of the sustainable gardening site (behind Søren’s house) 

The first 2 weeks we will discuss the base designs that has already been made, and find out how these can be even stronger, we will consider plants, water, use of space and much more. Together we will decide on complete designs and working plans. 

The next 4-5 weeks we will learn about materials, how to use different tools and techniques, and construct the designs.

In the last part of the class, you will be able to build your own designs, and apply the skills you have gained in the first part. There might also be an option to go out on an excursion to see an eco-village or other sustainable small-scale projects. 

You need to be willing to work committed on a larger project in all kinds of weather. The motto of the class is: what we don’t know – we will learn together!

Note: It is our recommendation that you have experience from Sustainable Gardening – Design and Theory (in the first 12 weeks) OR that you follow Sustainable Garden – Applied (last 12 weeks). 

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