Timetables examples

As a student at International People’s College you are required to attend and fill out a timetable of at least 28 lessons a week, other than that you are spoiled for choices. You can pick and choose any subjects you like from our diverse selection of classes, which will usually include more than 40 topics ranging from creative classes to academic ones. See the classes at our Folk High School.

But studying Global Studies in Denmark at International People’s College will not only educate you through your classes. Staying at our Folk High School in Denmark will educate you 24 hours a day seven days a week – while having fun! Some of the other organized activities besides classes we offer are cultural evenings, morning fellowships, study trips, etc.

Put your own timetables together

Below are examples of timetables as former students have put them together.


IPC - what former students say about International People's college - charlotte snell

Timetables examples

Name: Charlotte Snell
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21
Student: Autumn Term 2014

“I chose some of my subjects out of a personal interest, some because I wanted to learn more about them before deciding on whether or not to pursue those further at University, and some I simply chose because I have a lot of energy, and also to learn how and allow myself to act silly”

What former students say about International People's College - A Folk High School in Denmark - Tada Lee

Timetables examples

Name: Amandeep Gill
Nationality: India
Age: 26
Student: Autumn Term 2014

“I am actually educated as a doctor back home, but I wanted to discover more about creating a NGO and other possibilities for the future. The subjects and classes at IPC helped me find my passion – and it made me grow as a person!”

Folk High School Time Table at International People's College in Denmark - Amandeep

What former students say about International People's College - A Folk High School in Denmark - Tada Lee

Timetables examples

Name: Tada Le
Nationality: Vietnam
Age: 29
Student: Autumn Term 2014

“I took a break from my work in the TV-industry to come to IPC. I love broadcast media for raising awareness amongst people about social issues. At IPC I have all the classes to develop my skills in this area. Development Management, Journalism, Movie Making… I also choose other fun and cool classes – just for my personal enjoyment… And it sure was!”

Folk High School Timetable at International People's College in Denmark - Tada Lee

What former students say about IPC

Former folk high school students all have unique and common experiences attending a course at International People’s College. Read about them here.


Overview of Classes

We offer nearly 40 different subjects and classes. View the alphabetical list here.



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