Morning Fellowship

One of the many routines and regular activities you will experience at International People’s College in Denmark is our Folk High School Morning Fellowship. Morning Fellowship takes place each morning at 10.15 right after our first class. It is a meeting for announcements, cultural mini-presentation, news, singing and for the whole student body to come together.

Morning Fellowship is a really important activity at our Danish Folk High School since it is the only time of day where we all meet and where we make sure to take care of each other (read more about International People’s College here). The meeting starts out by asking who is not participating and why. If you are sick another student will volunteer to be the one looking after you and making sure all is well.

International News and Community Singing

At our Folk High School Morning Fellowships we have a regular routine. After making sure all the students are well, we feature two pieces of news from two different countries around the world followed by community singing. Community singing and the Danish Folk High Schools have gone hand in hand ever since its beginnings, singing songs from a common song book covering a wide range of different aspects of the life we all share. Since most of our students do not know Danish we sing English songs accompanied by someone who knows how to play an instrument. Usually it is our principal Søren Launbjerg on the piano (view a movie of morning singing below).

Cultural Mini-Presentations

Morning Fellowship is finished off with announcements and/or cultural mini-presentation. An example of a cultural mini-presentation is when a Japanese student told us about the discrimination she and her family and friends have experienced after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in 2011. For a long time she hid the fact that she is from Fukushima, since people would think of her as contagious and would refuse to take her hand (view more cultural mini presentations below).

Cultural Mini Presentation: Japanese Radio Exercise

Students being introduced to the daily morning exercise of Japan.


Cultural Mini Presentation: The Lancers Quadrille

Students learn to dance the lancers – a variant of the quadrille dance that was fashionable in late 18th and 19th Royal Courts of Europe.


Morning Fellowship Community Singing


Study Trips

Study trips are an integral part of the experience at IPC where you will explore international studies through real life.


Cultural Evenings

Saturday night cultural evenings have been a custom at International People’s College for decades. Read on.


Student Counseling

Folk High School Student counseling is part of studying at International People’s College…



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