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The Core Values of IPC

At International People’s College we adhere to a set of core values. These can be summed up in six words of equal importance: respect, equality, democracy, peace, empathy and sustainability. We work actively and explicitly with them in our classes and everyday life. In other words; these ideals are what guides IPC’s mission in education.

Also, our Folk High School Core Values can be summed up with one phrase: Active Global Citizenship. Through our core values we educate global hearts and global minds to become active global citizens. Read more about our active global citizenship here.

“I chose to study at IPC because of their Folk High School core values. I am really interested in all of them but especially in sustainability. And here you actually work with them in class. So that’s why I came to IPC.”

(Olivia, Denmark, Autumn Term 2017)

Respect folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark


Respect for our differences is essential. In contemporary life we are exposed to many different viewpoints and beliefs. International People’s College encourages curiosity and exploration of differing perspectives. This means we strive to understand and not to judge others. The aim is to create community despite differences and stimulate ones own self awareness thereby appreciating one’s own origin and history.

Democracy folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark


Danish Folk High Schools began with the intention of creating the educated public needed for a strong democracy. This tradition continues at International People’s College and also underscores the way the school conducts its affairs. International People’s College invites consultation, involvement and empowerment in decision making and everyday practices on all levels. This concerns classroom activities as well as the overall IPC management.

Equality folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark


Gender equality is an important Folk High School core value at International People’s College. Equality between women and men is necessary for sustainability and the chance to lead a full and rewarding life. Equality also means that all people regardless of gender, ethnicity or social background should be treated with dignity. Equality does not imply that we are all the same but that individually and collectively we enjoy the same conditions and rights.

Peace folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark


Peace is something to be valued and appreciated as an attainable process and goal. Diversity and differences are unavoidable in today’s global world. Yet International People’s College was founded on and still believes that exchange, collaboration and confrontation must take it’s departure in non-violent processes, fundamental and mutual respect and dialogue for human life and dignity. It is a state of mind, a way of interacting and of confronting the world’s challenges. 

Empathy folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark


Empathy is being sensitive to the needs of others. Learning at International People’s College involves both personal and collective efforts. This means empathizing with others is an important part of life at the International People’s College. Understanding the needs of others and working towards solutions to common challenges together are important aspects of empathy.

Sustainability folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark 1


Sustainability implies solutions to local and global problems with lasting value. We acknowledge that human and natural resources are limited and therefore require stewardship. Peaceful and durable answers to the world’s problems can safeguard the well-being of future generations. 

Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. We focus on cultural education, cultural meetings and global development.


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