"IPC can't be explained. It has to be experienced" - Annie, USA, Former student

About IPC – International People’s College – a Folk High School in Denmark

If you looking for the perfect combo of globetrotting and enlightenment, IPC is the perfect match for you. Maybe you have finished high school and still don’t know what to study in college? Or you have finished college and are not quite ready to dive into the work world? Maybe you simply need a break from your work life to get new knowledge and reevaluate what you wish to do? At our Folk High School you can dive into nearly 40 different subjects and classes and gain new skills, nurture your personal growth, and find fresh goals in your life.

Folk High School Gardening in Denmark at International People's College

What is a Folk High School?

Folk High Schools are non-formal residential schools offering learning opportunities for approx. 3 – 6 months. They are separate from the formal Danish education system. There are no exams, no fixed curriculum and no mandatory classes. Teachers teach what they love, and students engage in classes based on their motivation and desires.

Folk High Schools in Denmark can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century when they were set up for rural communities. Today there are around 70 Folk High Schools in Denmark. Many specialize in different subjects from art to music to filmmaking to journalism. Though Folk High Schools are intended to be as fun as they are edifying, there are also important practical reasons for their creation and continued success. Folk High Schools are an important part of Danish life and civil society. They began with the notion that an informed society is essential for a functioning democracy. Folk High Schools have promoted engagement with a wide array of issues and have encouraged Denmark’s robust and responsible democracy. Anyone can apply for a stay at a Danish Folk High School, you just have to be at least 17,5 years old. Read more – What is a Folk High School?

“It was not until the end of my semester that I understood what a Danish Folk High School is. It is hard to explain, you have to experience it. I realised that you can’t force teaching on someone if they don’t want to learn.” – Hannah, Korea, Former student at IPC. 

international people's college - folk high school in denmark

A unique Danish Folk High School

International People’s College is a unique Danish Folk High School since it is the only ‘general’ international Folk High School in Denmark. Students come from all over the world to live and study together – to experience the world from the inside out. All classes and joint activities happen in English language.

Unlike other Folk High Schools in Denmark we have a student body with a majority of internatonal students. Students at IPC come from Denmark as well, but we are able to create a diverse student body with students from all over the world, since we have exemption from the Danish State rule saying that a Danish Folk High School should have more than 50 % Danish students each term. Likewise we never use Danish language as the common language at IPC or translate from Danish to English language – we always communicate in English language. Furthermore we are the only international Folk High School in Denmark focusing on global studies and the world, while having a broad and general selection of classes to choose from.

Since our inception in 1921 we have had an international focus and celebrated diversity at IPC. We believe that difference enriches our lives and expands our horizons. It helps us see the world in a new and inspiring light. International People’s College was founded in the wake of World War l by Peter Manniche with the belief that world peace is created through understanding. If people from around the world got to know each other better they would discover that they held in common their basic human goodness. With this knowledge people could love and help each other. Nearly a century later this same idea drives us and is the basis of the work of our Folk High School in Denmark. By bringing people together from different cultures to study, socialize and live together we strive to create tolerant global citizens. We have a set of core values at IPC which we incorporate in classes and activities at campus – trying our best to convert these values and believes into concrete actions in the world.

IPC - A typical folk high school day at International People's College in Denmark

Global and International studies – no grades and exams

We offer a wide range of interesting classes to choose from when you create your own timetable. We highlight ‘the world’ and international studies, but you are totally free to choose among all the different subjects emphasizing personal development, professional skills, communication, community, sports and creativity, not involving any grades or exams.

At IPC we champion the idea of Global Citizenship and we educate Global Minds to become Active Global Citizen. We try to encourage students to take an active part in the world, seek cultural understanding, and celebrate diversity around the globe. It is a state of mind; a way of discovering your own potential through a global perspective and community. A life changing experience.

“A teacher at IPC told me: “If you don’t turn knowledge into actions, it’s wasted knowledge”.  At Development Management I’m getting real tools to start my own Thrift Store in Vietnam.” Ly, Vietnam, Former student at IPC.

Students at International People’s College focus on what interests them. Classes are intended to guide and further the development of all who attend the school. This means that students can work for their intellectual, spiritual and physical progress in ways that feel right for them while being supported by knowledgeable people who care. At International People’s College your assumptions will be challenged and you will re-examine what you know – or thought you knew. Read more about Global Studies at IPC. 

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Meet the world; Live and learn with students from the whole world

Students come from around 30 different countries each term. We believe that you learn much more about international communication and global issues by living with people from all over the world than it is possible to learn in a classroom. You get an international knowhow which is required in a globalised world.

Students are approx. 20 – 25 years old when they attend a long term at IPC, but we often have students in the age of 60+ which gives a beautiful diversity in the student body, and both younger and older students connect and create strong bonds. We have room for 100 students living in single or double rooms. Read more about what former students says about IPC.


Folk High School Activity at International People's College in Denmark beach trip

Live near the beautiful Danish coast – 30 minutes from the capital of Denmark

International People’s College is located in the beautiful seaside town, Elsinore, which is an unmissable attraction in Denmark with outstanding beaches, magnificent forests and lakes, the old castle of Kronborg, old historical houses, cafes, museums, the old shipyard, local markets etc. Elsinore is only a 30-minute train trip away from Copenhagen.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is a small, creative and fun city buzzing with life and innovation. Copenhagen is fast becoming one of the must-visit destinations not just in the Nordics, but for people all across the globe. The city has a mixture of great people, food and things to do and see. Read 27 reasons why you have to visit Copenhagen right now. 

At campus we have different facilities to accommodate our various subjects and classes – art room, sports hall, football lanes, cinema room etc. We also have a small forest with a beautiful lake at campus. Read more about the Facilities at IPC.



Dates and Prices

You have to be at least 17,5 years old to become a student at IPC, and you need to have basic English language skills, so it is possible for you to attend classes in English language. We also offer Summer School at IPC. Get an overview of Dates and Prices.

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What is a Folk High School?

It is hard to grasp exactly what a Folk High School is. But read more here…


IPC’s Core Values

Read about our core values which guide our mission.


Global Studies

Interested in Global Studies? We offer more than 40 different subjects and classes.



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