At International People’s College we offer two different types of courses:

  • Long courses with af focus on Global Studies (3 – 6 months) in the Spring or Autumn
  • Short courses in Summer or Winter (1 – 3 weeks)

The price of the courses covers all classes, excursions, meals and study material. Each full semester most likely includes a 1-2 weeks period where you have the option of either going on a study trip abroad (for additional payment) or staying back home at International People’s College and join our alternative program without extra cost.

Dates and Prices

Autumn Term 2023 (full term):
August 17th – December 20th 2023 | 18 weeks in total  | 32,670 DKK  (approx. 4,356 EURO)

Spring Term 2024 (full term):
Jan 18th – July 3rd 2024  | 24 weeks in total  |  45,840 DKK  (approx. 6,112 EURO)


Half Terms at IPC

Not possible for you to attend a full term? Even though the terms at International People’s College are planned and organised in their complete length – and you will only get the entire ‘IPC Experience’ attending a full term – it is also possible to apply for half terms. 

Spring Term 2024 (first half of term):
Jan 18th – April 10th 2024 | 12 weeks in total |  30,324 DKK  (approx. 4,043 EURO)

Spring Term 2024 (last half of term):
April 11th – July 3rd 2024 | 12 weeks in total |  30,324 DKK  (approx. 4,043 EURO)


Combined Terms with Language Courses

If you would like to improve your English or your Danish language skills before the terms begin, we recommend that you join one of the courses below. They will start with our 2 or 3 week language courses prior to the term (also with introductions to the Danish culture and society). Choose between English or Danish language.

Autumn Term 2023 (full term + 3 weeks English or Danish Language Course):
July 27th – December 20th 2023 |  21 weeks in total | 38,115 DKK  (approx. 5,082 EURO)

Spring Term 2024 (full term) + 2 Weeks English or Danish Language Course: 
Jan 4th – July 3rd 2024 | 26 weeks in total | 49,660 DKK  (approx. 6,621 EURO)

Spring Term 2024 (first half of term) + 2 Weeks English or Danish Language Course: 
Jan 4th – April 10th 2024  | 14 weeks in total | 35,378 DKK  (approx. 4,717 EURO)


Short Courses at IPC

Short Courses 2023

English or Danish Language Course – Summer: Fully Booked – waiting list is a possibility 
July 27th – August 16th 2023  | 3 weeks in total | 13,500 DKK  (approx. 1,800 EURO) 
– choose between English or Danish language 


Short Courses 2024

English or Danish Language Course – Winter:
Jan 4th – Jan 17th 2024 | 2 weeks in total | 9,900 DKK  (approx. 1,320 EURO) 
– choose between English or Danish language 

English or Danish Language Course – Summer:
– choose between English or Danish language. Dates and Prices yet to be announced 



Price includes:

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation in double rooms
  • Three daily meals (vegetarian / vegan diet available). Brunch and dinner on weekends
  • Study materials and mandatory excursions

Price does NOT include:

  • Administration fee: 1500 DKK (200 Euro)
  • Private insurance
  • If you require a single room the additional cost is 300 DKK weekly (40 EURO)
  • Student Residence Permit Processing Fee approx. 2,000 DKK (269 EURO) – has to be paid together with the school fee. International People’s College will transfer this fee directly to the Immigration Service on your behalf.
  • Processing fee at the Danish embassy in your respective country
  • Study Trips

NB! Please remember it may take a week before your payment is registered in our bank and it may take a couple of days for us to process your payment.

If you have any other questions about our Danish Folk High School you might like to check out our frequently asked questions. If you can not find the information you are looking for on our webpage please fell free to contact us by phone or email. We, at International People’s College, would love to hear from you.

Visa Rules

Are you interested in joining International People’s College but need to know more about visa rules for your situation then read on here.



Thank you for your interest in applying to International People’s College. Admission is a three-step process.



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