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If you want to improve your English or Danish language skills, we offer language courses at International People’s College during winter or summertime. Spend two or three weeks at campus and advance your language skills while also getting insights into the Danish Culture and Society – i.e. by lectures, cultural events and excursions in Denmark.

We have offered language courses at International People’s College for more than 35 years, and the students especially empathise that the atmosphere at International People’s College, combined with the various methods used in classes, and the mixture of students from different countries, are reasons for their great success. Read more about what former students say about the language courses at International Peoples College.

Other than the Danish and English language courses, we also offer different topic oriented courses at International People’s College during the summertime. I.e. a ‘Shakespeare Course’ in relation with the 400 anniversary of Shakespeare’s death celebrated all over the town of Elsinore in 2016, or the ‘LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights‘ course in 2021 in relation with the celebration of World Pride in Copenhagen, or the course ‘Den danske sangskat’ with a focus on the Folk High School song book in 2022 and 2023. This year we offer two ONE-WEEK courses in Danish language: Den danske sangskat and Om lidt er kaffen klar.

Overview of Short Courses on offer:

IPC - Study Danish in Summer School at IPC Denmark

Danish Language Course

The main focus at the course is learning Danish language, but you will also get insights into the Danish culture and society – i.e., by lectures, cultural events and excursions in Denmark. For two or three weeks you learn Danish language, understand the Danish culture and society, and you explore Denmark together with new friends.

Dates and prices: 

Danish Language Course – Summer:
July 25th – August 14th 2024  | 3 weeks in total | 14.100 DKK  (approx. 1,890 EURO)

Danish language summer course in Denmark

English Language Course

In the summertime we welcome students who want to combine intensive English language learning with the discovery of various aspects of Danish culture and society through workshops, lectures, excursions and lots of other fun activities. English language learning is the main focus, but you will learn about and explore Denmark as well.

Dates and Prices:

English Language Course – Summer:
July 25th – August 14th 2024  | 3 weeks in total | 14.100 DKK  (approx. 1,890 EURO)

Den danske sangskat
– om hjertesprog, identitet og sammenhængskraft – på dansk

Et unikt indblik i arbejdet med Højskolesangbogens 19. udgave. Ledet af Søren Launbjerg, vil I komme omkring mange aspekter af den danske sangskat og fællessang – inklusiv foredrag og koncerter.

Dates and Prices:

Den Danske Sangskat (in Danish language):
8. juli  – 14. juli 2024  | 1 uge | 6.500 DKK

Læs mere om Den danske sangskat.

Om lidt er kaffen klar…
– et kursus med kaffe og fællesskab i højsæde – på dansk

Er du nysgerrig på kaffens interessante historie og betydning i forskellige kulturer – og ønsker du en uge i fællesskabets navn – så er dette kursus lige noget for dig!

Dates and Prices:

Om lidt er kaffen klar… (in Danish language):
8. juli  – 14. juli 2024  | 1 uge | 6.500 DKK

Læs mere om Om lidt er kaffen klar… 


Generel Terms and Conditions

If you book the Summer School and want to cancel your enrolment, you can get a full refund until four weeks before the course starts. Read our General Terms and Conditions.

Online Brochure

Take a look in this online brochure and read more about the Danish Language and English Language courses at International People’s College:

Frequently asked Questions

How long is a Summer Course?

Our Summer School Courses in Danish and English language are three weeks long. You get 52 English language or 56 Danish language lessons during the day time and you create your own timetable in the afternoons. Or topic oriented courses are one week long.

Are Summer Schools worth it?

YES, you are going to meet people from all over the world at our Summer School at IPC. You will have so much fun while you learn Danish or English language. You will also get insights in the Danish culture and society, and experience Denmark together with a group of international students from all over the world.

What former students say?

“I think the mixture between language classes, excursions and lessons about the Danish culture and society is a unique way of getting to understand the Danish way of living. I expected a lot from the course – but got even more“, Leon from Mexico.

Where do I live?

You will live at our traditionally Danish Folk High School during the summer – a small cosy and safe environment a short train trip away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. We are located near beautiful beaches, nature spots and historical monuments in Denmark. You live in a double room at the school, but can get a single room for an additional week-price.

What do I eat?

The international kitchen at IPC will offer you three delicious meals a day. The chefs at our Folk High School in Denmark have a solid experience in blending nutritional needs with the desire for delicious food, and their menus are well balanced, healthy and full of vitality. 30 – 60 % of our food is organic. It is possible to get a vegetarian / vegan diet.

Will I have any leisure time?

Yes. You will have plenty of time to explore the local area, go on small trips to Copenhagen or other Danish towns and cities – or to visit the numerous of museums and cultural spots in the area.

Is it expensive?

No. The price is actually about the same as a night at a cheap hotel in Denmark – and that is including all lectures, excursions, meals and activities.

Summer school in denmark

What former students say

“I am fascinated by Europe and wanted to experience a country there from the inside out – not just go sightseeing. Furthermore I wanted to improve my English language skills. The summer course was more than I hoped for – it was the time of my life!”
(Sayuri, Japan)

Read what former students say about a summer course at IPC here.

Danish Language, Society & Culture

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English Language, Danish Society & Culture

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