"We educate Global Minds to become Active Global Citizens"

Global Studies at International People’s College

Global Studies is the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. Within that lies cultural education, cultural encounters, and global development. We champion the idea of ’global citizenship’, and we prioritise our core values, which are also implemented in classes and activities at campus. At International People’s College you meet the world and you get an international knowhow, while improving your English language skills. More than that you discover that learning can be so much more engaging and fun, when teachers and students are set free to teach and learn what they want without the pressure from grades and exams.

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Global Studies

At our Folk High School in Denmark we believe that knowledge is many things and that it is acquired in many different ways. This is reflected our wide selection of classes ranging from those with an academic focus to a practical one. Most classes can be placed under the headline ’Global Studies’.

Global Studies can be defined as studies of the world in one way or the other. It can be a regional focus like for example in ‘African Studies‘ or ‘European Studies‘, a cultural focus like in ‘World Cinema‘ or ‘African Drum and Dance‘, or a sustainable and progress oriented focus on the world like for example  in ‘Sustainable Gardening‘ or ‘Development Managing‘. Some classes are more general like ‘Choir‘, ‘Yoga‘, ‘Band-playing‘, ‘Photography‘ ‘Debate Club‘ , ‘Work Out‘ etc., but since students at IPC come from all over the world, there is almost always an international twist to the classes at International People’s College.

See a list with all classes offered at IPC here, but bear in mind that the classes offered may change from term to term according to the teachers and students at IPC. In general all classes listed will be on offer, but sometimes classes are replaced and therefore you can not totally rely on one certain class as a motivation to come to IPC. You should be interested in IPC as a whole if you apply. Furthermore you need to have basic English language skills to participate in classes and life at campus.

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Active Global Citizens

We aim to motivate students to take an active part in the world, seek cultural understanding, and celebrate diversity and difference. We educate Global Minds to become Active Global Citizens” – it is a state of mind; a way of discovering your own potential through a global perspective and your surrounding community.

To be an ‘Active Global Citizen’ means to be motivated to make the world better – on both a small and a large scale. We hope to inspire students to take an active part in the world and the local community, both when they are students at International People’s College and when they return to their home countries. We especially focus on our core values, which are implemented in classes and activities at campus, and students engage in them according to their own interests and motivation: Some students focus on environmental issues taking on new sustainable habits, some are motivated to break taboos about mental health issues, some facilitate debates about racism and stigmatisation etc.

90 % of former students agree to the fact that they ‘feel like a global citizen after having stayed at IPC’ (research made by the IPC Alumni).

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No Tests and Exams

The education at International People’s College is structured but it does not involve any exams or grades. The motivation to learn must come from within and should be based on personal interest and responsibility. The general belief at IPC is that it is important to have fun in order to learn effectively!

“Being able to attend classes without thinking about gades and final exams made it possible for me to ‘let go’ and discover what I actually like to do – not just what I am good at, but what I enjoy” – Sayuri, Japan

Folk High Schools in Denmark are known to rethink the way we look on education, using alternative methods of teaching to engage students. Without the pressure from exams and grades students are free to try out various different subjects to find out what motivates them. At International People’s College you will be able to discover your own potential, interests and achieve knowledge and skills in many different fields which will guide you in your future studies and/or work life. We also offer study counselling to help you on your way. Furthermore, teachers are free to teach what they love – they do not have to plan classes according to a fixed curriculum. Like this teachers have their ‘hearts’ in the teaching, which is very contagious to students, who will become more engaged and eager to learn.

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Choose your own timetable

At International People’s College  you create your own schedule from a curriculum with more than 40 different classes. Most classes have a global or regional orientation emphasizing personal development, professional skills, communication, community and creativity, but we also offer classes within sports, arts, and media etc. You are totally free to choose!

During the first week of your term you will be introduced to the classes offered from which you will put together your own schedule. 2-4 classes will be offered in the same time sloth so you will have to choose between them to create your time table. It can be very frustrating if your favourite subjects are on offer at the same time sloth and you like that will have to choose between them, but no matter what you will get the chance to create a time table that interest you. You will get the opportunity to change your schedule halfway through the term and pick new Folk High School classes. Every student must reach a minimum of 28 lessons a week – but trust us, the biggest problem will be which classes NOT to choose.


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International knowhow

Even the spare time at our Folk High School in Denmark is a platform for learning as we believe that eating, laughing, and living with people from totally different cultures is a unique way of reaching useful international competencies and international knowhow – something most industries are asking for more than ever.

At IPC we don’t look at education as something only happening in the classrooms. We facilitate different mandatory activities at campus with a focus on educating students on several levels. Like for example Morning Fellowship, Cultural Evenings, Life Stories, and Excursions. Other than that, a lot of voluntary activities are going on at campus all the time – like for example student led language classes in Japanese, Spanish, Chinese etc., baking club, film club, art club, book club, dance club – you name it.

Furthermore, it becomes possible for you to get a deeper understanding of yourself and your life choices when you ‘meet the world’ at International People’s College, since you start to reflect upon your own life. Maybe you want to incorporate some lifestyles from the opposite side of the planet, when you finish a term with us. Inspiration and an open mind are keywords when it comes to studying at International People’s College.

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Improve you English Language skills

All classes are taught in English language and as an International Folk High School it is our language in common. You will quickly improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English while being here, but you need to have a basic level of English language skills before you join us.

It is also possible to attend our English Language and Danish Culture and Society Course for three weeks in the summertime. Here you can intensively improve your English language skills and you don’t need to have any level of English before attending. If you participate in an Autumn Term at IPC you will have the opportunity to take part in our intensive three week English course prior to the term begins which will improve your English skills and prepare you for your  stay at International People’s College. Take a look at the Dates and Prices at International People’s College.

IPC- WorldPride 2021: LGBTQIA+ and Human Rights

“You get what you give”

We believe what you put into your surroundings are given back to you. Sometimes it can be hard work to create a new life in another country and you have to be motivated to connect with other people, to attend classes, to participate in the community living at campus etc. Don’t expect to sit back and wait for the IPC experience to ‘happen to you’ – be active and dedicated, then everything will unfold.

Some students come from education systems with high levels of competition and a strong focus on grades and exams. In this case it can be difficult to adapt to the very free teaching style at International People’s College. Read about Hannah Lee, former student from South Korea, who had a hard time getting use to the teaching at IPC. On the other hand, some students come from very relaxed and free education systems, and some might have difficulties respecting the fact that classes and some activities are indeed mandatory. It is important that you arrive to IPC with an open mind and an interest in learning about other people and cultures and nevertheless the motivation to give all you got to make this a life changing experience.

Being a student at a folk high school is a fulltime job, and you are not allowed to study elsewhere when studying at IPC. If you cannot attend mandatory activities at IPC due to other educational obligations, we are not allowed to uphold your state support from the Danish state.

“The true value of the folk high school is not just in its main classes. The true value is in the place and time where everyone can enjoy “the present where nothing is decided”; eat, sleep, work, sing, dance, pick grapes, bake cakes, drink beer, gather around the campfire, debate, crack jokes with the teachers, and walk through the forest within a family-like community. It is no wonder the friendships forged here often last a lifetime. I suddenly felt guilty for coming to simply “consume learning” – Hannah Lee, South Korea, Former Student

Overview of Classes

We offer nearly 40 different subjects and classes. View an alphabetical list here.


Dates and Prices

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Danish Language – Summer School

In the summertime we offer a three-week long Danish Language Course with classes optimized to all levels. At the course you also learn about the Danish Culture and Society and you go on excursions in Denmark. At International People’s College we have hosted Danish summer language courses for more than 30 years.


English Language – Summer School

The English Language Course is an intensive three-week course where you will improve your English Language skills while experiencing Denmark. With our unique mixture of English language classes and introductions to key aspects of Danish culture and society we offer a unique framework for anyone interested in Denmark and the English language.


About International People’s College

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