Student Guidance

At International People’s College we try our best to provide you with appropriate counseling regarding your further studies or doubts you might have entering the Danish educational system.

Our Student Guidance program is divided into Study Counseling and Mentor Counseling.


Student Counseling

At our Folk High School in Denmark all students can set up an appointment with our resident counsellor. We cannot promise you that we will be able to answer all questions but we promise to provide competent guidance, support you with information, and if needed put you in contact with the relevant institutions throughout Denmark.

Felicity Markdal is the current student counsellor at International People’s College. Felicity’s main focus is to provide an overview of the study possibilities for foreigners in Denmark and how they can enter the Danish education system. Felicity is also here to assist you if you have questions regarding your career opportunities.

So please contact Felicity if you have any questions or concerns about your future studies and he will help you as best as he can.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published an excellent guide to the possibilities for international students in Denmark . Find more information on your study options and future job opportunities on the Ministry of Higher Education and Science webpage.


Mentor Counseling

If you are a Danish Citizen, between 17.5 and 25 years, yet to complete a qualifying youth education (STX, HF, HTX or equivalent), and enlisted with Ungdommens Uddannelsevejledning (UU), then you might benefit from the Danish Ministry of Education’s program: “Mentor Counselling Scheme”. The purpose is to ensure that young people are familiar with all the rights and benefits of the educational system. If  your counsellor from UU agrees that a stay at International People’s College may enhance your chances for your enrolment at the institution of your choice and completion of a youth education, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy benefits from the Mentor Counselling Scheme while staying at a Danish Folk High School.

The benefits include a qualified personal counsellor, who will make sure that a written agreement between you, International People’s College and UU is made. Furthermore he or she will be able to guide youth, social, academic, and personal issues. You will meet with your counsellor on a regular basis. If it is needed the counsellor will also help you with the transition from International People’s College to life afterwards. All counsellors at the school are certified Mentor Counsellors.

In order to qualify for this scheme an agreement has to be in place with your local UU counsellor. If you are in doubt please do not hesitate to contact us at ipc@ipc.dk – we will do our best to help you with any questions you might have. Also remember that in order for you to be in the Mentor Counselling Scheme you need to complete at least a 12 week-course at the school. Read more about the courses here and about the school here.

Check if you are eligible for the Mentor Counselling Scheme at your local UU-Center here.

If  you are a counsellor with a UU-Center and consider International People’s College you can find our general approach to students on the Mentor Counselling Scheme at International People’s College here.

If you are a non-Danish citizen you can also benefit from the Mentor Counselling Scheme – in this case, however, we recommend you contact the school beforehand to get all necessary information.

Our current Mentor Counsellors are: Gertrud Tinning & Felicity Markdal.

Overview of Classes

We offer nearly 40 different subjects and classes. View the alphabetical list here.


Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. We focus on cultural education, cultural meetings and global development.



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