Life Stories

At International People’s College you will be assigned a contact group that you will do practical chores, social and educational activities with. The latter includes what we at our Folk High School call Life Stories. These are personal stories about our life paths including the past, present and future.

We meet three times for the Folk High School Life Stories activity. The first time the students talk about their parents and grandparents lives. The second time we talk about our childhood. The third time we talk about adult life, our dreams and goals in life. You share what you want to share and are not expected to tell any more.

Cultural Educational Activity

Life Stories is a way of exploring cultural, historical and personal understanding in a deeper sense. At International People’s College you live and study with people from all over the world and Folk High School Life Stories will give you a chance to learn about individuals from other cultures, their history and future dreams. Life Stories will also teach you about yourself by making you examine your own ways of living and culture. Becoming self aware and more understanding of others through Folk High School Life Stories is one of many steps at International People’s College to becoming an active Global Citizen (to read more about active global citizens click here and to read more about International People’s College click here). 

Click on the video below to experience the setting and feeling of Life Stories at our Folk High School in Denmark.


Study Trips

Study trips are an integral part of the experience at IPC where you will explore international studies through real life.


Cultural Evenings

Saturday night cultural evenings have been a custom at International People’s College for decades. Read on.


Student Counseling

Folk High School Student counseling is part of studying at International People’s College…



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