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Studying Global Studies in Denmark at International People’s College will educate you 24 hours a day seven days a week – while having fun! Some of the organized activities we offer that supports this conviction are Folk High School cultural evenings.

Saturday night cultural evenings have been a custom at International People’s College for decades. Students from a particular region or continent get a chance to present what they believe is best about their home and their cultural background. That said, we know that one region does not reflect a homogenous culture, but it is a way of reflecting upon cultural similarities. The students arrange a night with a show at our Folk High School in Denmark.

The students spent about two weeks preparing for the event. A teacher is assigned who facilitates the whole process but it is the students who are in charge of coming up with a script and defining how and what they want to portray. You will see dances, hear songs, poetry, etc. – and the most interesting part is, that you will be introduced to the hidden little treasures you cannot discover as a tourist about a region or culture.

We call it educational entertainment. Learning while having fun. The students who are hosting the cultural evening learn about coordination, event planning, putting together a script, etc. The audience, the students from other regions, learn valuable information about other places in a fun and entertaining way.

Folk High School cultural evenings take place once a month every term and celebrate diversity, colourfulness, respect and admiration for different cultures. It is a way to expand your horizons beyond what can be found online or as a tourist!

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Cultural Evening Activity: Bamboo Dance


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