"When you live together 24 - 7 you get really close. It's like I got my regular family and my 'IPC family' now" Thomas, Denmark, former student

Life at IPC

If you arrive to International People’s College with an open mind and a wish to create new friendships across the globe – with an aim to get new insights in life, you have come to the right place. When you live together with people from more than 30 different countries everyday life will bring you something new.

Folk High School Ping pong tournament at International People's College in Denmark

International buzzing atmosphere

When you walk down the corridors of International People’s College you can feel the atmosphere buzzing with life. The everyday life at our Folk High School evolves around the classes you choose, but there will be plenty of other activities going on – both organized events and activities that just spontaneously happen.

You might see a small group of people competing in table tennis in Big Hall or doing yoga outside, while others practice the guitar in Common Room or play a deck of card. In the distance you might hear the choir practicing, and you can see how a class is preparing for an excursion in the front yard. Perhaps you find your way to the small cinema where you meet with a few of your friends to watch a couple of episodes on Netflix.

Everyone’s experience at International People’s College is different and it is impossible to predict how you will spend your time. One thing is for sure – you will live together with people that are very different from yourself. People with different backgrounds, lifestyles, ideas, and points of views. People from the opposite side of the planet, who can inspire you in new ways. A student from India might show you how to make authentic Dahl, a movie enthusiast can show you his or hers favourite Vietnamese film, or some students might teach you how to speak a foreign language. The possibilities are unlimited.

90 % of former students ‘very much agree’ to the fact that ‘IPC has benefitted my personal development’ – 10 % ‘somewhat agree’ (survey made by the Alumni).


Empathy folk high school Core value at International People's Colleg in Denmark

 Community feeling

At International People’s College, we are a small community and we all take part in the duties at the school together. Like for example doing the dishes, setting the tables, cleaning different areas at campus etc. This creates a feeling of home – a shared responsible for the people and surroundings at IPC.

In Denmark the term ‘fællesskab’ (togetherness) is central to the well-functioning democracy and the feeling of belonging in the society. The Folk High Schools in Denmark especially focus on ‘togetherness’ and it is something that is facilitated in the everyday life at International People’s College – like for example in Morning Fellowship where activities such as sing-along is practiced to create a sense of belonging – being a part of something bigger than yourself. Read more about ‘fællesskab’ here: What is a Folk High School?

“Actually, I get it now… in the beginning I was annoyed that we had to do the dishes, but we actually had much fun doing them, and looking back I see how it made me feel that I was a part of the life at IPC. I never thought I would miss ‘washing up’, but I really do!” (Michelly, Brazil, former student).

stand up show at folk high school in denmark


Some activities are mandatory – like for example Cultural Evenings and Life Stories, but a lot of the things going on at IPC are voluntarily. Teachers facilitate different excursions, group debates, sports and games etc., and students create a lot of different clubs you can join – book club, movie club, language clubs etc.

We have a democratic student elected Student Council at IPC, who takes care of various tasks at IPC and also arrange different social activities at campus. I.e. game nights, parties, debates. Furthermore, all students are assigned a contact group with an anchor teacher, and students do practical chores as well as social and educational activities with that particular group of people.

In the weekends some students like to go clubbing in Copenhagen, while others prefer sightseeing or a visit to a local bar. Some students borrow bikes at IPC to experience the beautiful nature around Elsinore, and some stay in for movie marathons. Sometimes there will be mandatory activities in the weekends, but mostly you will have a lot of time to do exactly what you love to do – whether you need a little time on your own or want to do something together with a group of friends. Read more about a Typical Day at IPC.

World Clean Up Day 2018

Core Values played out

When you live together with people from all over the world you will be challenged – some cultural differences and behaviors might be difficult for you to agree to or fully understand, but it is important to keep an open mind and stay curious.

We live by our core valuesrespect, equality, democracy, peace, empathy and sustainability – and we expect students to take an active part in making the everyday life at campus fit with these principals – like for example respecting different opinions, sorting out garbage, participating in classes and mandatory activities, treating people of different sexes, ages, ethnicities equal etc.

“I really love that the core values at IPC is something that you can actually work with and something that are present in the everyday life – not just values in a paper somewhere” (Cris, Former student).

Folk High School Moviemaking Class at International People's College in Denmark

Facilities at International People’s College

We have room for one hundred students at IPC plus some apartments for staff at campus. We are located in beautiful natural surroundings with a small forest and a lake behind the school – 1,5 kilometers from the center of Elsinore, only a train trip away from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

We have several classrooms accustomed different types of classes – like art, music, sports etc., Big Hall and Lecture Hall for sport, events and gatherings, Common Room where students can graph a cup of coffee, play games and relax, and a small library in the basement.

Other than that we also have a ‘Human Rights Café’ at our Folk High School, where students meet for book clubs, photo practise, or to play board games, our own second-hand shop, a costume room, a small cinema, and bikes you can borrow if you want to explore the beautiful beaches near the school together with your new friends. Read more about the facilities at our Folk High School in Denmark.

IPC - Folk High School Food at International People's College in Denmark1

Food at International People’s College

The food you eat reflects your personality, and the food we cook reflects the personality of our school. At International People’s College you will be served many different dishes from all over the world. Our chefs aim to make our Folk High School food as interesting as possible with different international flavors.

At International People’s College many of our students are vegetarians or vegans. So if you are not a big meat eater or for other health or cultural reasons do not eat animal based foods we make sure there is a vegetarian diet for you. 30 – 60 % of the food offered at IPC is organic.

“Sometimes I skip a meal and go to Mac Donalads across the street, but then I always regret when I hear what has been served. The food at IPC is really delicious!” (Ally, Former student). 

Calendar – what’s going on?

There is always a lot of different events going on at IPC. Most are only arranged for the students at campus, but some are also open to the public – i.e., two yearly seminars, anniversaries, open events. Get an overview in the Calendar.

Life at IPC – A Typical Day at IPC

Read what it’s like to study at our Folk High School in Denmark.


Daily Organization at IPC

Read how the daily life is organized at our Folk High School in Denmark.



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