"I think the food at IPC is really healthy and every day you will be served something different.”
- Cris, Mexico, Spring Term 2018

Food at IPC

The food you eat reflects your personality! And the food we cook reflects the personality of our school. At International People’s College you will be served many different dishes from all over the world.

On Monday you might have Danish meatballs with potatoes and salad. Tuesday your sense of taste will travel through distinctive Middle Eastern dishes as you will be served hummus, falafels and lentil soup. And on Wednesday the food will be influenced by spices of South East Asia where corianders, peanuts and lime leafs will be part of the ingredients. Our chefs come from all over the world and try to make our Folk High School food as interesting as possible with international flavors.

The Kitchen at International People’s College serves more than a 100 students and staff 7 days a week at the traditional three main mealtimes of breakfast, lunch and dinner (which are all included in your tuition fee). If you are going ’out and about’ and are engaged in activities away from our Folk High School there are of course lunches to bring.

The chefs at our Folk High School in Denmark have a solid experience in blending nutritional needs with the desire for delicious food! Their menus are well balanced, healthy and full of vitality just like the recipients of our culinary offering – the students and staff at International People’s College.

30 – 60 % of our food is organic. We continuously strive to use organic produce where we think it provides the best value. We also reduce food waste by composting. IPC has the bronze Ø logo. The Ø logo is an inspection label and shows that the latest preparation of the product has taken place in a Danish company inspected by the public authorities.

Choose between vegetarian & conventional diet

At International People’s College we offer two types of diet:


Vegetarian Diet

At our Folk High School in Denmark many of our students are vegetarians. So if you are not a big meat eater or for other health or cultural reasons do not eat animal based foods we make sure there is a vegetarian diet for you.


Conventional Diet

The conventional diet at our Folk High School in Denmark is for those who may include meat in their meals. Note, even if you choose the conventional diet you will also be served vegetarian food at many of our meals. Most of our students at International People’s College eat traditional animal based diet.


Special Food Concerns

Individual requirements are always catered to at our Folk High School in Denmark, whether these relate to dietary needs, allergy or religion, but it is something you and the chef will work it out individually.

Meal Times

Week Days

07.30-08.00 Breakfast

12.45-13.15 Lunch

18.00-18.45 Dinner



10:00-12:00 Brunch

18:00 Dinner

All three meals will take place in the school dining hall at our Folk High School in Denmark students and staff eat together.


Student Kitchen

If you for some reason are hungry at any other time than our three main mealtimes you will have the opportunity to go to the grocery store down the street, buy your own food and use the student kitchen to cook your own meal. The student kitchen is run by the student body and the cleaning is taken care of by the students.

Overview of Classes

We offer nearly 40 different subjects and classes. View the alphabetical list here.


Examples of timetables

View examples of Folk High School timetables: At IPC you are required to attend 28 lessons a week, other than that you are spoiled for choices.



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