"We educate Global Minds to become Active Global Citizens." - Claus Staal, Head of Development and Teacher at IPC

Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark (read more about International People’s College). Within that lies cultural education, cultural encounters, and global development. We champion the idea of Global Citizenship to individuals who take an active part in the world, seek cultural understanding, and celebrate diversity around the globe. We educate Global Minds to become Active Global Citizens. It is a state of mind; a way of discovering your own potential through a global perspective and community. A life changing experience!

Global Study at IPC

Learning at International People’s College is meant to challenge, stimulate, and educate you – not only will you discover what you are good at but also what makes you happy. You will learn how to use your unique skills in the best way possible. At our Folk High School in Denmark we believe that knowledge is many things and that it is acquired in many different ways. This is reflected in the offering of a wide selection of classes ranging from those with an academic focus to a practical one. All classes have both a global and regional orientation emphasizing personal development, professional skills, communication, community and creativity.

Meet the World in Denmark and Develop Your International ’Know-How’ with Global Studies

A stay at our International Folk High School in Denmark will improve your skills in cultural communication and give you international-know-how, something most industries are asking for more than ever! At our Folk High School in Denmark you meet the world, which enables you to not only navigate in it but also to find your own place in it.

Prepare for your Future Studies – Global Studies are the main focus at IPC

Through a wide selection of nearly 40 different classes at our Folk High School you will get the chance to prepare yourself for the next step in life. Whether it is for school or work, you will be able to discover your own potential, interests and achieve knowledge and skills in many different fields which will guide you in your future studies. We also offer study counselling to help you on your way at International People’s College.

Improve your English Skills

All classes are taught in English and as an International Folk High School it is our language in common. You will quickly improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English while being here, but you need to have a basic level of English language skills to participate in classes etc. before you join a Spring or Autumn term. If you participate in the autumn term you will have the opportunity to take part in our intensive three week English course which will improve your English skills and prepare you for your  stay at International People’s College. Take a look at our Summerschool programs.

Choose a Global Study at IPC – You create your own Schedule

At International People’s College  you create your own schedule from a curriculum with more than 40 different subjects and classes. Even the spare time at our Folk High School in Denmark is a platform for learning as we believe that eating, laughing, and living with people from different cultures is a unique way of reaching international competencies.

The education at International People’s College is structured but it does not involve any exams or grades. The motivation to learn must come from within and should be based on personal interest and responsibility.

The general belief at our International Folk High School in Denmark is that it is important to have fun in order to learn effectively!

Every student must reach a minimum of 28 lessons a week – but trust us, the biggest problem will be which ones to eliminate. Wondering about how to put together your own schedule?

“If we are to have peace on earth… our loyalties must transcend our race, tribe, class and nation; and this means we must develop a world perspective.”

(Martin Luther King)


Overview of Classes

We offer nearly 40 different subjects and classes. View the alphabetical list here.


Dates and Prices

Join a Danish Folk Highschool and sign up for the experience of your life at International People’s College. View our course dates and prices.


Danish Summer School

In the summertime we offer a three-week long Danish Language Course with classes optimized to all levels. At the course you also learn about the Danish Culture and Society and you go on excursions in Denmark. At International People’s College we have hosted Danish summer language courses for more than 30 years.

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WorldPride Course

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, will host the biggest Danish event within human rights and diversity in 2021 – WorldPride. We take the opportunity to offer a one-week course where you get the chance to work with human rights in relation to LGBTQIA+ issues and participate in World Pride 2021. Read more: Pride Course.

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English Summer School

The English Language Course is an intensive three-week course where you will improve your English Language skills while experiencing Denmark. With our unique mixture of English language classes and introductions to key aspects of Danish culture and society we offer a unique framework for anyone interested in Denmark and the English language.

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