"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come." - Steve Jobs

World Literature, Arts and Storytelling

Teacher(s): Felicity Markdal

Lessons: 4/week

The intention of this class is to introduce ourselves to some amazing creators from all over the world. As well as to enjoy, share, understand and create arts of our own.

We will read and analyse stories from authors like (but not limited to) Octavia Butler or Nnedi Okafor who combine gender studies, systemic critique, colonisation issues and so many other themes in their alternative universes. These authors also help to understand how misinterpreted a whole genre of writing can be. There will also be room and time for you to share authors you love.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes a Mestiza Latina storyteller and psychoanalyst might be one of our guides for engaging in story archeology, allowing us to learn how to dig into the significance and role of stories in building cultures, values and morality. This section of the course will provide us with the skills to re-interpret some of our well-loved folktales.

Furthermore, we will share and enjoy examples of differently abled dancers and artists, for example the recently deceased David Toole (Dancer) or Chellaman (Artist and Activist). Not only will we look at and share our thoughts on these and other artist’s work but we will also work on creating our own, using artists as inspiration to create our own pictures, clothing, films, photographs and more.

There is not space to cover everything in an intro to a subject, but other themes we might look in to are; fashion stories (Yamamba, Ankara Print etc); the art of branding (commercial storytelling) ; the doodle revolution and much more.

In summary the purpose of this course is to broaden our knowledge and love of different artists and storytellers, as well as our ability to understand and use different tools.

Teaching methodologies

  • Teacher presentations
  • Reading
  • Creative activities- drawing, designing, writing, playing
  • Group work
  • Music listening, Art observing, Film/ TV watching
  • Laughter and other emotions

Academic Fields Linked to:

Literature Studies

Cultural Studies

Gender Studies

Colonial Studies

Art Management




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