7 billion people experienced today in a different way

Human Experience  

Teacher(s): Felicity Markdal 

Lessons: 4/week

Being a human is at once all we know and all we do not know. We have never had a chance (as far as we consciously remember) to be anything else, so this form, this consciousness, this society, is how we experience the world, our life, and our meaning. Through this class we seek to dig into what it really means to be human; to open up and ask the questions we are usually afraid or embarrassed to ask, to dig deeper in to or own and other psyche so that we might know internal and external peace through understanding, to have fun and question everything!

We will explore mental health, through exploring the structure of our neurotypical society, by this it is meant a society built for those that are physically with all limbs and body parts, and mentally able to be a productive member of society.  We will furthermore challenge the shame, taboo and misinterpretation around so-called “atypical” “conditions” for example (but not limited to), Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, Trauma, and Grief.

Moreover, we will look at other themes that impact on human life; exploring and trying to understand what love is; critiquing body politics to allow ourselves to find a love or more love for our physical bodies; diving into the universe of spirituality and faith to share how we understand the world and it’s machinations; practicing gratitude and positive thinking as a means of protesting the “rat-race” model; and so so much more…

In summary this class is about taking a roller-coaster ride through the weird and wonderful facets of humanity. We will decide on what and where to take the journey together. Be prepared to laugh, cry and receive the gift of story from the people around you.


Teaching Methodologies:

Teacher Presentations

Discussion (lots of discussion, big groups and small groups)


Small activities- drawing, painting, some physical movement, and research.


Student presentations

Laughter and other emotions


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