Gender & Sexuality

Teacher(s): Felicity Markdal

Lessons: 4/week

The minute that we are born we are put into boxes based on the genitalia that we have, this decides how we navigate the world, and indeed how the world navigates us. In many places in the world your gender and your sexuality decide the rights you have access to, the power and agency you can enact, heck even the way you are allowed to dress or show affection.

In this Folk High School Gender and Sexuality Class, you learn how gender and sexuality impacts on your life and the lives of your fellow human beings. Through the eyes of theorists, philosophers and everyday human beings, we will explore the limitations of gender and sexuality but also the ways to breakthrough, open up and accept people for exactly who they are. You will understand the rainbow spectrum of love, identity and attraction, and the ways in which equality can potentially be achieved for all.

We work with discussions, arts projects, project work, lectures, presentations, films, etc. to learn about gender and sexuality and how this phenomena affects people differently around the world.

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