Study English language and experience Denmark

Study English Language and experience the Danish Culture and Society

International People’s College welcome students who want to combine intensive English language learning with the discovery of various aspects of Danish culture and society through workshops, lectures, excursions and lots of other fun activities! We have hosted English language courses for more than fiveteen years and offer a unique framework for learning English language while experiencing Denmark.

IPC - English Language and Danish culture and society Folk High School summer course at International People's College in Denmark


  • Class size is limited to approximately 12 students
  • Experience Denmark together with students from all over the world
  • Meet locals and understand the Danish culture and society 
  • Just over 600 DKK per day – everything included (excursions, meals, lessons, room etc.)


Programme overview for the course held Summer 2022 – to give you an idea of the course content: 2022 English Language and Danish Culture programme

Study English language in Denmark

The main objective of the language section of the course is to gain self-confidence in using English language in your daily life. We will cover all language skills (i.e. grammar, speaking, reading, writing, listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary). We will however, try to focus on speaking and developing skills to talk about oneself; one’s culture and background, describing feelings, expressing needs and opinions, etc. Other topics will be determined by the students’ own interests. In addition to grammar drills, listening to audio, watching video clips, reading articles, playing games etc., we will use the student’s own experiences as a basis for the speaking activities. The main goal is to have fun while gaining the self-confidence to express oneself in English language.

Class size will be limited to approximately 12 students whose English level should be between elementary and intermediate (A2 – B2). If there is enough demand for other levels, additional classes may be added. The course will require active participation and willingness to do some homework after classes.

Go through a brochure about the English Language and Danish Culture and Society Course or see an example of a timetable (nb. the brochure and timetable are about the three weeks long summer courses at IPC – not the two weeks long course during winter. The course in wintertime is similar but shorter).

Danish language summer course in Denmark


The course fee includes two full day excursions – one will take you on a tour of Northern Zealand and the other one to Copenhagen. There will be a lot of possibilities to go on trips and discover the beautiful beaches, forests and other interesting sights in and around Helsingør. Within easy reach from International People’s College is the most spectacular art museum of Northern Europe, Louisiana, the home and museum of Karen Blixen, the cities of Roskilde and Copenhagen, and Christiania. The course during wintertime will also offer excursions – they are yet to be announced.


After completing the requirements of the course, a certificate will be issued as to document your new skills in English language.

international people's college - folk high school in denmark

A stay at a unique Danish Folk High School

Apart from an excellent program, we offer a cosy, nice and safe environment in which to learn. You will engage with students from all over the world, make friendships, have fun, learn from one another and share cultural peculiarities. You don’t have to worry about anything. We offer nice accommodation (either in single or double rooms), delicious food, a decent sport hall, a wonderfully lush park with a small beautiful lake and a bonfire place where you can spend evenings dreaming around the fireplace.

The school is located close to the sea, so you could head down to the beach for a refreshing swim or go treasure hunting in idyllic downtown Helsingør. You can also hop on the train to Copenhagen (read more about Copenhagen), which is only a 45-min ride away, or board the ferry for a 20-min trip to Helsingborg, Sweden.

We quite simply offer you a place where you have no worries, plenty of friends, possibility to relax, watch movies or TV, play pool, ‘fussball’, and other social activities (read more About IPC  here), while you learn English language. 


English Language Course – Winter:
Jan 4th – Jan 17th 2024  | 2 weeks in total | 9,900 DKK  (approx. 1,320 EURO) 

English Language Course – Summer:
July 25th – August 15th 2024  | 3 weeks in total | 14.100 DKK  (approx. 1,890 EURO) 
Open for application from the 1st of November 2023.

Additional 300 DKK a week for a single room.

Nb. You have to be above 17,5 years old to attend the course.

It is also possible to attend the English Language and Danish Culture and Society three-week course as part of the 21-week Global Studies course in Autumn 2023 at International People’s College – see more under Dates and Prices. 



Folk High School Students hanging out - International People's College - a Folk High School in Denmark

What former students say

“When you live at the school – together with other international students – you speak English all the time. During dinners, excursions, games etc. You learn English so fast this way!”, Sayuri, Japan.

“Denmark is actually a very interesting country. Very small and unique. I really enjoyed the lectures about Denmark and the excursions too”, Luisa from Argentina.

“Before this course I was too embarrassed to speak English in public spaces, but now I feel really confident and don’t mind it at all”,  Louise from Denmark.

Read more about what former students say about a summer course at International People’s College.

You can also check out the reviews International People’s College get from former students on Facebook Reviews.


Four reasons why to join the English Language, Danish Culture and Society Course

Danish Course at International People's College

Study English Language in Denmark

Since students at International People’s College are from all over the world English is the common language at campus and you will practice your English language skills all the time – not only in classes. Furthermore Danes are great at English language and you will also speak English when you go outside campus.

Folk high school African Studies at International People's College in Denmark

Study at a Danish Folk High School

The Folk High Tradition in Denmark is known worldwide for rethinking education and learning methods. When studying at International People’s College you will experience how learning can be fun and engaging – that learning is a way of live. This experience is something you can bring into your life in many different ways.

IPC - Helsingør aka Elsinore -International People's College - a Folk High School in Denmark

Affordable and an interesting Location

The English Language, Danish Culture and Society Course is very affordable and it costs less than 600 DKK a day – that includes participation, accommodation, meals and excursions. Furthermore the location in the old seaside town, Elsinore, is extremely charming and beautiful – and very historically interesting. Also, Copenhagen is just a train trip away.

Folk High School Students hanging out - International People's College - a Folk High School in Denmark

Have Fun and connect to an International Network

During the English Language, Danish Culture and Society Course you live at campus and like this you get to know your fellow students very well. People from all over the world meet at International People’s College and you get the chance to develop new friendships and connect with a huge international network.

When applying

You apply by filling out this online application.

Read our Terms and Conditions.


What level? 

Learning a language can be challenging so we will do our utmost to make sure that the perfect conditions for learning are available. We use the Common European Framework Reference (CEF/CEFR) to determine the levels of individual students. If you are unfamiliar with the CEF, please take your time to look through this overview before marking your level of English in the application form. Please try to be as precise and honest as possible – it’s for your own benefit! After you have been officially accepted we will send you an online Oxford Online Placement Test so we can verify you language level to help place you in a class with a suitable level to maximize your learning potential. 

Check out Frequently asked Questions or get Directions – you can also read more about Elsinore or Denmark, or get a better understanding of the Danish Folk High School tradition.


Any Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact ipc@ipc.dk if you have any questions.




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Danish Language & Culture and Society

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