Directions to International People’s College

By train and bus from Copenhagen Airport

First, make sure your plane is scheduled to arrive in Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen. From Kastrup it is surprisingly easy to get to International People’s College, Helsingør.

You simply take the escalator down to the underground and take the metro (M2) to Nørreport Station. From Nørreport you take the train to Helsingør that will depart every 20 min. Once you arrive in Helsingør, which is the terminal train station, you will go from the platform towards one of the side entrances of the train station.

International People’s College is located approx. 1,5 km from the train station and if you don’t have too much luggage you can easily walk uphill along Kongevejen until you reach the crossing between Kongevejen and Montebello Allé (across from McDonalds). Otherwise you can hop on the bus 801A tell the bus driver that you want to get off at Montebello Allé and Voilá! Don’t be afraid to ask people on the street for directions, almost everybody in Denmark speaks English.

It will be convenient for you to go to www.rejseplanen.dk on the web (or download the app) when you need to travel around Denmark. Plot in A: CPH Lufthavn to B: Helsingør St (Elsinore). Then click on details and you will see the full route – and also be able to see if your route are delayed or changed for some reason. 

A one way ticket to Helsingør from Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen is approx. 108 DKK (approx. 15 EURO). N.b. you can show your train ticket in the bus and ride for free.


Directions from Copenhagen to International People’s College, Helsingør

If you go by car, you should follow the E47 North. It takes you right to Helsingør. When you reach the outskirts of Helsingør, look out for a McDonald sign on your right hand. International People’s College will be on your left across the street from the McDonald restaurant. Turn left at Montebello Allé and the school is right there.

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International People's College, a Danish Folk High School located in the beautiful seaside town of Helsingør, made famous in Shakespeare's play Hamlet where it is called by its English name Elsinore.


International People’s College
Montebello Allé 1
3000 Helsingør
CVR: 23253410
EAN: 5790002651410

+45 49 21 33 61

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