100 Years of Promoting Peace

International People’s College 100 years celebration

In April and May 2022 we will celebrate the one hundred years anniversary of International People’s College! A Danish Folk High School for students from all over the world. A peace-initiative from the wake of WW1, based on human values, and a stern belief that authentic cross-cultural meetings are essential for a more peaceful world.

To celebrate 100 years of promoting peace, International People’s College will host an International Peace Festival or “Internationalt Folkemøde” on 30th of April. The event is open and includes an array of activities. There will be Debates, Exhibitions, Workshops, NGO-Activities, Concerts, Theatre performances and a Peace Seminar. You can read more about the activities further down this page.
We are looking forward to welcoming people from all over the world to a celebration out of the ordinary.

Overview of the Celebrations

29th of April: Inauguration of the new IPC building and the UN-Hall (invitation only)
30th of April: International Peace Festival (public event)
7th of May: Internal Celebrations ‘Those We Were and Those We Are‘ (Alumni tickets and invitations)

We will update this page with more information over the coming weeks. You can also follow this event on Facebook to be updated on the activities taking place or to connect with people joining the anniversary.

Read more about the history of IPC or the current Covid-19 regulation at the school.

International People's College a Folk High School in Denmark 100 years of promoting peace

International Peace Festival


    With/ Mogens Lykketoft, Dan Smith, Ellen Margrethe Løj and Alberto Ferguson
    Middle East Peace Ensemble, Søren Launbjerg, Ungdomsskolen, IPC Choir
    Art, History of IPC, Student Stories etc.
    Hamlet, Storytelling, African drum ‘n dance, Clown, Orla Frøsnapper etc.
    With/ Jonas Poher Rasmussen, Mogens Lykketoft
  • NGO-representation

And plenty more to come. The Seminar will start at 10:00 and the rest of The International Peace Festival will begin at 13:00.
Please see below for a selection of participants and activities at The International Peace Festival.

Guest Speakers

Mogens Lykketoft


Read More

Ellen Margrethe Løj


Read More

Dan Smith


Read More

Alberto Fergusson

Read More

Peace Seminar

30 April 2022 at 10:00
See Programme

See Programme
Guest speaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen at Internationational Peoples college a folk high school in Denmark

Jonas Poher Rasmussen

Jonas Poher Rasmussen is the director of Oscar-nominated film Flee (Flugt). An animated documentary that tells the extraordinary story of his friend Amin, and his journey as a child refugee from Afghanistan.

He is also the grandson of Danish poet Halfdan Rasmussen who was a student at International People’s College.



Middle East Peace Ensemble

The Middle East Peace Ensemble brings together hand-picked top level Middle Eastern musicians of different cultural and religious backgrounds. The result is a convincing and exciting musical melting pot of Middle Eastern sound. Building harmonious bridges across cultures in a joint hope for a peaceful future.

International people's college a folk high school in Denmark jubilee performance

Adam Agee & Jon Sousa

Adam & Jon journey through the Irish idiom on fiddle, guitar, and tenor banjo, and have been enchanting listeners on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for over a decade. Their connection to their instruments and the transcendent energy in their music is guaranteed to captivate and uplift audiences of all ages.

bandplaying class at folk high school denmark

IPC Choir and Band Playing

International People’s College’s very own student choir will perform. There will also be band playing performances in different forms from our very talented students.

Family Friendly Activities

Orla Frøsnapper performing at Internatilonal People's College a folk high school in Denmark

Orla Frøsnapper Theatre Performance

Local actor André Andersen performs the famous and much loved Danish children story by Ole Lund Kirkegaard as a solo-show. “Being little is tough. Our city is full of bullies and you never see them on the pictures. They always hide out because they are scared that someone might see them.”

Please note: This performance is in Danish

Folk High School African Drum and Dance at International People's Collge in Denmark

African Drum ‘n Dance

Teacher Selassi will guide even the most shy dancer to let loose and experience the joy of singing and dancing to the beat of Africa. It is an audiovisual and bodily expression of emotion, a recitation of history and a great celebration of tradition and value for all who participates.

And it’s fun!

Maestro Spinaaach clown for international peace festival celebrating 100 years of international people's college a folk high school in Denmark

Maestro Spinaaah the Clown

International People’s College presents the fabulous and very famous Maestro Spinaaach. He will be paying the International Peace Festival a visit to entertain his followers and direct the crowds.

Exhibitions and Student Activities

Student art International People's College a folk high school in Denmark

Student Artwork

Come and see some of the amazing artworks our students have created over time. The walls are full of stories from all over the world. You will also get the chance to see some of the current students’ pieces and hear their stories.

Check out the images below to see how IPC has changed through time!

Big Hall morph Folk High School Denmark

Then and now – Big Hall

On October 5th, 1967, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margrethe officially opened IPC’s new buildings which included the Common Room, Dining Hall, 34 double rooms, 33 single rooms, new classrooms, and the Big Hall.

Since then, the Big Hall has not only hosted such formal events with members of the Royal family but also everything else, including informal parties such as the IPC Alumni Reunion Weekend!

Check out this link for info about our other facilities

Class time morph Folk high school

Then and Now – Classes

During our 100 Year history, fashions may have come and gone, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our teachers’ passion for finding new ways to engage our students!

Pictured are August Henning (who taught at IPC for an incredible 35 years, from 1934-1969!) and Claus Staal IPC’s former Vice Principal.
Meet our passionate teachers.


Lecture Hall Folk high school jubilee morph

Then and Now – Lecture Hall

Our Lecture Hall was once briefly occupied by the Nazis in 1945, but peace prevailed! A few short years later, in 1949, the Lecture Hall was the site of UNESCO’s first ever international conference on adult education. The Lecture Hall was built by our students in 1928; being an active member of the IPC community is an essential part of folk high school life!

What else does IPC life look like? Take a peek here: Life at IPC

Students morph Folk High School Jubilee International Peoples college

Then and Now – Students

Since opening in 1921, IPC has been the place to “Meet the World in Denmark” – a unique opportunity to study, live and make lifelong friends with others, usually from over 30 countries around the globe!

If you look closely at these photos, you can spot both the first ever principal (and founder) of IPC, Peter Manniche, and our current principal, Søren Launbjerg!

To find out how you can Meet the World in Denmark, visit: https://ipc.dk/apply/

History of International People’s College

Read more about the one-hundred years of history.



Read more about how we handle the Covid-19 pandemic at International People’s College.



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