International Peace Festival
Peace Seminar
How to Achieve Peace in an Ever-Changing World?
30th of April 2022

Peace Seminar

How to Achieve Peace in an Ever-Changing World?

To kick off The International Peace Festival and International People’s College’s 100th anniversary we are hosting a Peace Seminar. This will take place on 30th of April 2022 at 10:00 – 12:50. It will finish just before the opening of our International Peace Festival at 13:00.

What are the solutions, the options for peace and peaceful relations among countries and peoples – how do we create peace and peace processes? How can conflict resolution, conflict prevention and diplomacy play a role? That is what we will focus on at the seminar.

For International People’s College it is especially important to stress togetherness and living together. Creating a space where cross-cultural friendships and exploration can flourish, is at the core of the school’s purpose. It is the first step in fostering mutual respect, acceptance and peace.

Participating in the Peace Seminar is free of charge, but as seating is limited, please sign up by sending an email to event@ipc.dk .


10:00 Welcome and introduction of guest speakers
10:15 Mogens Lykketoft – The role of the UN in peace processes
10:35 Ellen Margrethe Løj – Working for peace as a member of the UN Security Council and in the field
10:55 Dan Smith – A global overview of conflicts areas
11:15 Alberto Fergusson – Peace processes – the Colombian experience
11:35 Coffee break
11:50 Debate between the speakers and the audience on present challenges and future perspectives
12:50 Thank you – The International Peace Festival will open shortly


Guest Speakers


Mogens Lykketoft Speaker at International peoples college a folk high school in Denmark

Mogens Lykketoft

Former Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Speaker of the Danish Parliament and Chairman of the UN General Assembly.
Being Chairman of the UN General Assembly during the negotiations for The Paris Agreement, Mogens Lykketoft has a special interest in topics surrounding climate change and sustainability as well as international politics.

Topic: The role of the UN in peace processes.

IPC jubilee speaker celebration Folk High School Ellen Margrthe Løj

Ellen Margrethe Løj

Cand. Polit

Ambassador Ellen Margrethe Løj is Former Director of The South Group (Danida), Ambassador to the UN in New York. Denmark’s Representative in the UN Security Council, Ambassador to Israel and the Czech Republic, Special Representative for the UN Secretary General  to Liberia and South Sudan

Topic: Working for peace as a member of the UN Security Council and in the field

Speaker for IPC Jubilee Folk High School celebrations Dan Smith

Dan Smith

Director of SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.
Has studied and written about a range of conflict and peace issues such as nationalism, identity politics, armed conflicts, ethics of intervention, gender aspects of conflict and peace building, relationship between climate change and insecurity.

Topic: A global overview of conflicts areas.

Alberto Fergusson Speaker for Folk High School jubilee

Alberto Fergusson

M.D., psychiatrist and psychoanalyst working in Bogota, Colombia, and in Vermont U.S

He was part of the group that crafted Colombian Peace Process and now works towards the advancement of the peace accords.  He is currently Advisor of the President of the Truth Commission and founder of the Institute of Accompanied Self-Rehabilitation, a program whose initial objective was to rehabilitate homeless people, now used for reintegration of former combatants.


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