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Covid-19 restrictions

NB: There are currently no Covid-19 related restrictions in Denmark. 

Like any other institution in Denmark we have a Covid-19 strategy which we are following at campus. The strategy is made in alignment with the instructions of the Danish Government. If you are enrolled in a course at International People’s College we will make sure to inform you about the Covid-19 rules and conditions whenever we have specific details, since the restrictions change from time to time – please check your email regularly! 

Students are responsible to be updated

We are always following the national restrictions at International People’s College, and we will inform students as quickly as possible when restrictions change, but it is students’ own responsibility to be updated on the Danish Covid-19 rules when travelling to Denmark. Please make sure to keep yourself updated on the official Danish Corona webpage:

https://en.coronasmitte.dk/  & https://en.coronasmitte.dk/rules-and-regulations/entry-into-denmark/categorization-of-countries

Police Covid Hotline (travel): +45 70206044

Cancellation in relation to Covid-19

It is possible to cancel your participation at a courses at International People’s College and get a full refund up to four weeks prior to the course starts. Please, read the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

When the pandemic hit Denmark – and IPC

On the 11th of March 2020 the Danish Prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, announced that Denmark would shut down for an unknown period of time due to the Covid-19 pandemic which meant that all Folk High Schools in Denmark cancelled their programs and shut down – uncertain when they could reopen and if the current students would be reunited at all. Almost three months later Mette Frederiksen pronounced that it was safe to reopen the Folk High Schools in Denmark under certain terms and conditions, and we were very happy to welcome all students on the Spring 2020 term back on Thursday the 4th of June. Around 60 students were reunited at campus for a three week intensive – and in man ways different – Folk High School experience. Since then the ‘Danish Language, Culture and Society’ and ‘English Language and Danish Culture and Society’ course have ran, and also a full Autumn Term 2020 with busy and happy students at International People’s College without any Covid-19 infected students at any time.

Due to a raise in the numbers of infected with the Corona virus in Denmark the Danish Government decided to close down all schools in December 2020, and IPC was closed down for another three months. The Folk High Schools in Denmark were allowed to reopen Monday, March 15th 2021; however entry restrictions when it comes to entering Denmark was not immediately lifted, so unfortunately we were not be able to welcome all students right away – but only students with Danish citizenships. It was finally decided that a stay at a Folk High School is considered a ‘worthy purpose’ to enter Denmark and AT LAST we were able to welcome all students on Spring Term 2021 on the 21st of April 2021!

Covid-19 also affected the Spring term 2022. In December 2021 the Danish government decided to close down folk high schools for a period of 4 weeks. This meant that the Spring term 2022 was delayed until 17 January.

For Spring and Summer 2022 all restrictions were lifted and we could continue life as normal. However, we encourage all students enrolled at International People’s College to check their e-mails regularly, should there be any changes.

Covid-19: Frequently asked Questions

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General Terms and Conditions

Read the General Terms and Conditions for a stay at International People’s College.



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