100 Years of International People's College
Those We Were and Those We Are

IPC 100th Anniversary Celebration – Those We Were and Those We Are

Tickets for the IPC 100 years reunion on the 7th of May 2022 are now SOLD OUT. Please contact Lars on alumni_lars@ipc.dk  to be added to the waiting list.

We look forward to seeing you for the internal celebrations of IPC’s 100th anniversary on Saturday 7th of May 2022, Those We Were and Those We Are.

IPC founder Peter Manniche’s amazing, and for its time innovative idea, was implemented 100 years ago from the ashes of WW1. A Danish Folk High School for students from all over the world. A peace-initiative based on human values, and a stern belief that authentic cross-cultural meetings will contribute, not only to invaluable personal development for the individual, but also increase international understanding and with that, important steps towards a more peaceful world. 

We will celebrate the many good people on whose shoulders we stand today. Their instrumental contribution to IPC throughout the times has directly developed our physical surroundings, our values and inclusive pedagogical mindset and methods.




Opening ceremony (Entrance A)

Group Picture

100 Year Activities start

Dinner Preparations

100 Years Gala-Dinner

Party Preparations

with live music by One More Than Twelve
UN Hall

DJ sets and Dancefloor
Party moves to Big Hall


Programme Details

The daytime activities of the internal celebrations will tak eplace around IPC

Human Rights café: There will be Music & Games, a Treasure Hunt and the Second Hand Shop will be open.
UN Hall: The first activity of the day will be a 
Presentation of the new building by Søren & Kristof. This will be followed by a conversation with Alberto Ferguson: Legacies of Peacebuilding. Finally, Alumni will host an interactive IPC Core Value Seminar.
Big Hall: Workshops with Origami Folding, Korean Game, Mexican Lottery etc. At 15.00 Søren will host the traditional Folk High School Sing-along.
Lecture Hall: Exhibition: 100Years of IPC in the World, Student Stories posters, Screening Room w/ Interview with Peter Manniche and student testimonials My IPC Experience.

Food and drinks: Lagoni’s coffee truck will be at IPC selling coffee, drinks, sandwiches and snacks. The Alumni bare will be selling wine, beer and soda in Common Room from around 16:00 until late.

Toast Master During the Dinner: Nikolaj Sahlstrøm
Please contact Nikolaj (Nikolaj@ipc.dk) if you would like to give a toast, read a poem or give a small performance during the gala-dinner.
Deadline: 4th of May


Practical info

There is also a bit of practical information that you should be aware of.


For those of you arriving by car, we would like to encourage you to park at Helsingør Gymnasium (Borgmeester P. Christensens Vej, 3) – the local High School. IPC only has so many parking spaces, and we would like to reserve them for those most in need of parking close to the school. So if you are okay with the 5-10 minute walk from Helsingør Gymnasium to IPC, please park there during the weekend. You can of course drop things off at IPC and then proceed to park at Helsingør Gymnasium as well.

Co-creating the weekend

We want to celebrate each other this weekend. This of course includes the current staff as well. We don’t want to burden the people who keep IPC running on an everyday basis, on the day that we celebrate each other. Therefore we hope that you will all help out in whatever capacity you can. Everyone will have the possibility to sign up for a task that suits their abilities: be it folding napkins, packing away the tables, or doing washing up.

Co-creating also means that we take responsibility for what we leave behind after the celebrations. This burden falls especially on those staying over night at IPC, who will all be assigned to a cleaning area. But we can all do our best to not leave a mess behind.


To make the anniversary a pleasant experience for everyone, we would like you to check in at Entrance A when you arrive at the school. Check-in will be open during the arrival period from 12-13, as well as right before the dinner, from 17-18 on Saturday the 7th. For those arriving Friday, the check-in time is from 16-19 on Friday evening. During check-in, we will give you the latest update on the program. This is also where you can volunteer for various tasks surrounding the anniversary. For those staying the whole weekend (whether you stay overnight at IPC or outside of the school) it is especially important to check in. This is the time where you will be assigned to your sleeping area, shower unit, and get your cleaning task for Sunday morning.

Changes to your ticket

If there have been any changes to your ticket, please let us know. This includes cancellations or if you have sold your ticket to someone else. There is currently a waiting list for Alumni who would like to participate, so please let us know if there are any changes, that could let them participate.


Special info for Full Weekend participants


If you purchased the full-weekend extension, you are welcome to arrive already at 16:00 on Friday evening and to stay until 14:00 on Sunday (and help with the cleaning✌️😁).
However, please note that you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and mat as the school can only provide you with space on a classroom floor. You can also bring a tent. A list of reduced cost accommodation in the close area can be provided on request. Please email Lars on alumni_lars@ipc.dk for the list.

Friday Programme

16:00 – 19:00: Arrival and Check-in (at entrance A)
19:00 – 20:00: Dinner (Current students’ dinner 18:00)
20:30 – 22:00: Light evening activity

Saturday Morning Programme

09:00 – 10:00: Optional morning swim and yoga
10:00 – 12:00: Brunch

Sunday Programme

10:00 – 12:00: Brunch
11:00 – 12:30: Packing (All classrooms should be ready for cleaning at 12:30)
12:30 – 14:00: Cleaning (let’s leave the school in a better state than when we arrived)
14:00 Farewell – until next time❤️



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