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At International People’s College diversity is a core values. It is very important to us to be able to offer financial support through Folk High School scholarships to economically disadvantaged students. We want everybody to have the opportunity to attend our Danish Folk High School. However, International People’s College only has limited possibilities of supporting students financially. The only means at our disposal are donations made by our many and dear friends; this being former students, the organization Friends of IPC, beneficiaries who believe in the idea of International People’s College, fundraising events or income from our student led 2nd hand shop.

For an easy reference as to what Folk High School scholarships you can apply for see below. NB. The following scholar ships only count for full terms at IPC. 

Scholarship: IPC Global Citizen (Full Scholarship)

Source: Friends of IPC

Who is eligible? Students from developing countries with a documented financial need. We expect your application to clearly state how a stay at International People’s College will be of benefit to you and your community.

Scholarship: Partial Scholarship

Source: International People’s College

Who is eligible? Students with limited financial resources, primarily from developing countries.

Scholarship: EU Grant Scheme (Partial Scholarship)

Source: International People’s College. Contact ipc@ipc.dk for information.

Who is eligible? Citizens from Bulgaria, Cypres, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia or Slovenia.

Scholarship: Nordic Scholarships

Source: Get an overview of different scholarships for Nordic students here. 

Who is eligible? Students from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands.

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