Friends of IPC

Friends of IPC (FIPC) is an independent organisation that supports the idea of International People’s College.

The mission of FIPC is to spread knowledge of International People’s College and contribute to a diverse group of students by providing support to disadvantaged, young people unable to finance their desire to become students at International People’s College. Provision of a number of scholarships to especially students from developing countries is among the core functions of FIPC, which also include fundraising activities, PR initiatives and friendship events. An example is the vintage store at International People’s College, where FIPC benefits from the surplus income. Members of FIPC therefore contribute to the mission of creating a more diverse student body. Members could be former students, but also private people, organisations and companies who want to show their support to International People’s College this way.

Membership of FIPC can be obtained by paying 100 DKK annually to the FIPC account adding your name and email address in the subject field.

Account number: 5050 1281377

IBAN: DK39 5050 0001 2813 77


As FIPC member you will sometimes receive invitations to activities at IPC, including seminars, weekend courses and other activities. For more information about FIPC, you can contact the current chairperson Sayaka Ebihara Pedersen at fipc@ipc.dk.

Note, that applications for scholarships should be addressed directly to IPC, who will then forward them to FIPC for further assessment.

Brochure: Friends of IPC

Life at IPC

Everyday life at IPC is very different from traditional high school’s. Find out what the folk high school life is about and what it is like to study at IPC.


Global Studies

Global Studies are the main focus at International People’s College in Denmark. We focus on cultural education, cultural meetings and global development.



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