Felicity folk high school staff at international People's College in Denmark

Teacher: Felicity Markdal

Subjects: Yoga, Speak Out IPC, Peace Studies, Gender and Sexuality, World Storytelling

Felicity was born in England and has somehow turned out to be very British in nature despite living over half of her life in other places such as Hong Kong, Germany, Northern Ireland, Finland, South Africa and now Denmark. Felicity holds a degree in International Politics and Military History and two Master’s  in Conflict Resolution and Entrepreneurship. She has trained as a secondary teacher and her professional career has centered on teaching in different settings, whether that be story-telling for peace in libraries in the UK or working to address gender-inequality with the South African government. When not studying, Felicity is usually working with one of her many sides: the creative, the active, the reflective, etc. In terms of creativity, Felicity loves to knit, felt, make paper art, etc. In terms of being active Felicity is a long distance junkie and can be found running, cycling, roller skating, etc.


Stretch, sweat, and get your pulses racing – while you discuss some of the issues and topics that might assist you in becoming a more balanced person.


Intersectional Studies – Gender & Sexuality

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Get a broader understanding about the labels we place on people and why.


Peace Studies

This class offers a journey through the worlds best example of peace and conflict – understand and learn!


Speak Out IPC

Learn about your passion and how to communicate it. This class is inspired by the idea of TED conference.


World Storytelling

Learn about your culture through the art of storytelling, while you develop coaching skills



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