Teacher, Development Manager, PR and Project Coordinator – Claus Staal

Classes: Education and Pedagogics, Religion and Culture, Political Philosophy, Colombian Studies 

Born in Korea, Claus is as Danish as they come. Adopted by Danish parents, he has lived his whole life in Denmark. Claus holds a master of science in philosophy and theology and has spent most of his professional career teaching both subjects with a minor detour in the world of media agencies nurturing his creative side. His favorite subjects are human rights, political philosophy, philosophy of religion, the study of violence and the missing link between politics and religion. More than anything Claus loves the Danish Folk High Schools. He truly believes they bring out the best in both the students and the staff. In his spare time Claus snaps photos, listens to music, does sports or spends time with his precious MacBook, often fiddling with InDesign or PhotoShop, or at least talking about it.

Religion and Culture

Why is religion still the major contributor to conflict around the World (or is it?) Find out!


Political Philosophy

Everything is political!! Analyze and discuss politics.


Education and Pedagogics

Introduction to the theory and practice of critical education as a tool for promoting democracy.


Colombian Studies

We will try to understand the recent history of Colombia



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