Colombian Studies

Teacher(s): Claus Staal 

Lessons: 4/week

In the Folk High School Class – Colombian Study – we will try to understand the recent history of Colombia, specifically focusing on the almost 60 years conflict between the largest rebel group, FARC-EP and the Colombian government.

We will be talking about the history of Latin America, generally, using examples from across the continent, but focusing on Colombia specifically, its colonial past and postcolonial present, while discussing the many transitory periods that Colombia has being going through. The class will offer you knowledge of postcolonial theory as well as knowledge of the history of violence that has defined Colombia, for better and worse, ever since its independence. For those going on the Colombia Study Trip, this will be a mandatory class, and will guide you through the conflict of the past and present, while coming to understand and appreciate the deep impact the history of violence has had on the Latin American country.

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