Copenhagen: the Capital of Denmark

Copenhagen is at once friendly, local and cosmopolitan. Copenhagen  has been renowned for centuries as a centre of culture and commerce.  In more recent times it has become truly international; a place people from all over the world call home.

The city itself has a population of over 750,000 while the greater metropolitan area is almost two million. International People’s College in Helsingør is 45 minutes by train from Copenhagen. There are trains every 20 minutes from the centre of Helsingør to the Danish capital Copenhagen (read more about Denmark here).

Though Copenhagen has become a world capital it is still distinctly Danish. You will see this instantly in the cityscape and lifestyle of the people. Any place can be reached by bicycle and this is how many people commute to work or school. No need for a car! Danish design is loved and respected everywhere and is found in the city’s old and impressive neoclassical buildings and new and stunning architecture like the Copenhagen Opera House by the Copenhagen Harbour. In many public places you will find works by the likes of the famed Arne Jacobsen and other luminaries of Danish design.

Parks abound for exercise and leisure. There is Kongens Have at Rosenborg Castle which is Copenhagen’s oldest and most visited park dating from 1606.  Frederiksberg Gardens is a beautiful and romantic 32 hectare park in its eponymous district near to Copenhagen’s Centre. Perfect for a summer barbecue and people watching. There is even a cool sand beach in the city at Amager Strandpark in the southern part of Copenhagen where people love to kite surf. Tivoli Gardens is one of the most famous and captivating amusement emotional support dog registration parks in the world and captures the essence hygge, the Danish notion of coziness. (Read more about the Danish hygge here)

Culture and sport are ubiquitous in Denmark’s capital. Copenhagen is home to the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, who performs at French Architect Jean Nouvel’s exquisite DR Koncerthuset,  the Royal Danish Ballet, Royal Danish Theatre and many fine art galleries. Contemporary music production and venues are a highly valued part of Copenhagen’s cultural life as is the famous jazz festival every summer. Copenhagen is a health conscious city were running and cycling are common pursuits. The “lakes” in the Nørrebro district provide the perfect place for a jog. Skate parks are all over the city. There is a championship golf course minutes from the centre in Amager. When all of this exercise becomes too much you can watch others perform. FC Copenhagen is Denmark’s premiere football team and a perennial Champions League participant.

Copenhagen is culturally diverse. In Christiania you can see a real life experiment in communal living that has lasted over 40 years. If you take a hike around the lake of Christiania you will discover amazing architecture designed and built by the inhabitants (check out our architecture and design class here). Copenhagen also offers delicious international cuisine is readily available. In Nørrebro you can get quality inexpensive food from middle eastern restaurants. A little more upscale is the Torvehallerne market where people from everywhere in the world visit. There is a reason that Copenhagen is called the “happy capital”. It comes down to quality of life and the people, who are kind and accepting. And don’t forget the little mermaid! 


International People’s College is a Danish Folk High School. Read more about Denmark here.

(Photo by teacher Angel L. Vidal)


Helsingør aka Elsinore

International People’s College is located near Copenhagen, Denmark in a small town called Helsingør – the location and home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


The Danish Hygge

Hygge was never meant to be translated but meant to be ‘felt’ through laughing, complimenting and hugging – everything you can experience at IPC.



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