At International People’s College you will learn the Danish way of life. Danes value both individual freedom and collective effort. The lifestyle of students and teachers at International People’s College and the intention with Folk High Schools promotes these values. You will take pleasure in a sense of autonomy and responsibility, Danish style (read more about Folk High Schools here).

Denmark is one of the Nordic nations of northern Europe. It is a democratic country and member of the European Union and also, in common with Sweden and Norway, a monarchy. Though small in population, a little less than 6 million people live in Denmark, it is a dynamic nation renowned for innovation, design and cultural production. Outside of the major population areas, Denmark has a strong rural character, beautiful nature and seemingly endless coastline. The capital Copenhagen is known the world over as a trendsetter; as cozy and friendly as it is forward thinking.

Denmark is always ranked as one of the world’s happiest countries. It has a highly developed welfare system known for its free education and high democratic standards. Danes enjoy impressive rates of social mobility and a society that wishes to see all members succeed and those who are struggling helped. Not to mention their notion of Hygge as a cultural factor and secret to happy living (read more about hygge here).

At International People’s College you will have ample opportunities to explore this unique nation in its physical beauty, culture and social life. Excursions are part of learning at our Folk High School in Denmark. Instructors plan field trips around the subject matter being taught. For instance, in design and architecture course visits are arranged to museums and to historical buildings such as those at Nyhavn, the Marble Church and the Amalie Garden in Copenhagen. Political philosophy can visit the Danish parliament at Christiansborg Palace and enjoy lunch in the park afterwards. And in our class exploring Denmark you will experience how to make Danish open faced sandwiches and learn about our mentality. During the Summer we also offer a three week intensive Danish language course (read more about it here) and a three week intensive English language course (read about it here) both with a focus on Danish society and culture.

Denmark has seen human habitation since the foggy past of prehistory and the layers of that history just outside your door at International People’s College. The landscape of Denmark is rich in historical treasures from ancient burial mounds to Viking grave sites to castles. Getting to know Denmark will enrich your understanding of European history and humanity.

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