It is a very different way for teachers and students to interact. Something magical happens when both teachers and students live and work, clean and wash dishes together." - Ly, Vietnam, Autumn Term 2018

Daily Organization at IPC

With over a 100 people from more than 30 different countries living together at International People’s College some basic structural elements have to be in place in order for our everyday life to run smoothly.


At the administration office you can get help with various tasks. You can buy laundry cards for the laundry room in the basement, stamps and International People’s College merchandise like a hoodie or bag. You can also collect your mail, set up doctor’s appointment, get information on visa rules and help with other aspects of your stay.

Office hours of the administration:

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM (CET)

01:15 PM to 02:00 PM (CET)

You will find the administration at the manor house.

Teacher On Duty (TOD)

24 hours a day, seven days a week, there will be a TOD to coordinate the daily activities at our Folk High School. A TOD also helps with practical or personal matters, e.g. if you need to reach a doctor in the middle of the night. Outside of the schools opening hours relatives and parents can also reach the TOD only in case of emergency. At every morning fellowship the TOD will be announced and you will always be able to reach the TOD by phone whose number is listed on our Folk High School’s note board.

Student Council

The student council represents all the current students and is elected by the student body each semester. The Council is a representative structure, through which the students can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management and staff for the benefit of the school and its students. The student council are always invited to participate in teacher meetings to present changes, new ideas and a new point of view. The student council reports back to the school council twice a year and is an important part of the democratic values and structure of our Folk High School in Denmark (read more about our organizational structure here).

Like the student teachers, the student council also has the responsibility to keep track of student wellbeing. Each semester the student council organizes different committees with a direct area of responsibility to engage the student body. E.g. the fun committee, the sport committee, club and workshop committee.

Contact Group

When you come to International People’s College you will be assigned a contact group that you will do practical chores as well as social and educational activities with.

At our Folk High School in Denmark, we are small community and we all take part in work together. Practical chores include setting up tables, washing up and cleaning after mealtimes, cleaning parts of the school twice a week and composting.

Social activities are arranged by the contact teacher and could be excursions, touching base and evaluating how things are going.

Educational activity groups meet three times for what we call ‘Life Stories’. The first time the students talk about their parents and grandparents lives. The second time we talk about our childhood. The third time we talk about our adult life, dreams and goals in life. You share what you want to share and are not expected to tell any more. Life Stories is a way of exploring cultural understanding in a deeper sense.

Food at IPC

Our folk high school food is delicious and diverse. So don’t worry if you are a vegetarian, allergic to gluten, etc. Read more about our food policy here.


Morning Fellowship

Folk High School Morning fellowship is held monday through friday. This is a chance for the whole school to get together at once and share information…



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