Congratulation Søren!

Musician, actor and principal at International People’s College, Søren Launbjerg, turns 60 on the 16th of January 2020.

Søren Launbjerg is not only the Principal of International People’s College, but he is also a well-known musician and actor in Denmark. Music is part of Søren Launbjerg’s DNA and that is reflected in the everyday life at International People’s College – in line with the Folk High School tradition in Denmark. Søren Launbjerg is pivotal in leading International People’s College to a sustainable future, trying to teach people from all over the world about the beauty of diversity and cultural difference. He is always kind, calm and accessible to all students and staff members – he is a great asset for the school.

A well-known musician and actor in Denmark

Søren Launbjerg has been the lead actor in numerous musicals in Denmark – Les Miserable, Atlantis, Miss Saigon, Hair, Black Rider, Wizard of Oz, Robin Hood, Rent etc. He is also the Danish voice of Disney’s Aladdin and has done the musical instruction of several Danish editions of Disney and Pixar films – such as Pocahontas, The Lion King and Toy Story.

Back in the 70ties and 80ties Søren Launbjerg sang and played keyboard in several recognized Danish bands, and in 1983 he launched his solo album Plateau.

A local man

As a child Søren Launbjerg lived in Espergærde – near Helsingør, and even though he has toured Denmark for many years he always returned to the local area where he grew up.

Søren Launbjerg helped develop several local projects such as the musical tradition at Espergærde Youth School and a musical project with young unemployed people in the municipality of Elsinore. Søren Launbjerg has three brothers, who are also musicians, and every year they play a well visited Christmas Concert at the Kronborg Castle in Helsingør.

A principal with music in his veins

Even though music is a big part of Søren Launbjerg’s life, he is actually educated as a teacher. He got his final exam back in 1984 and taught at various schools through time. He was also employed as a teacher at International People’s College before he became the Principal in 2009. Søren Launbjerg felt that the possibility of a job as Principal of International People’s College was sent from heaven.

“The Folk High School tradition in Denmark plays a leading role in the foundation of Danish society – to work within this tradition on a global level is unique and relevant “, says Søren Launbjerg.

Besides being the Principal, Søren Launbjerg is also teaching choir at International People’s College and continues the Danish Folk High School tradition with singing every day at Morning Fellowship. Even if the international students cannot sing from the Danish ‘Højskolesangbog’ (Folk High School Songbook) in Danish language, since it is not translated into English, they sing English songs together.

Together with a selected committee, Søren Launbjerg is currently working on the 19. edition of the Højskolesangbog. The new edition will be published in November 2020.

Søren Launbjerg is married to teacher Anne Birgitte Aarenstrup – they are the proud parents of three adult sons.

If you wish to give a gift to Søren Launbjerg in relation to his birthday, he would love to receive donations to Friends of IPC – (bank reg. nr. 5050, kontonummer 1281377). Thank you very much.



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