Event: Alternative Weeks Spring 2019

11 March 2019

From the 11th – 25th of March the Alternative Weeks will happen at IPC.

In the Alternative Weeks our students can choose between going on Study Trips or staying at IPC for an alternative program. The price of all trips covers travel, food, accommodation and activities. This year the Study Trips on offer will be:

– going to Bogotá, Pondores and Santa Marta for 15 days (price 11.000 DKK)

Study trips at International People's College a Folk High School in Denmark

– going to Krakow, Prague, Berlin for 12 days (price 5.500 DKK)

Folk high school study trip central europe - International People's College in Denmark

Nordic Trip
– going to Gotenburg and Öckerö in Sweden and Skagen in Denmark for 7 days (3.500 DKK)

Folk high school nordic study trip at International People's College

Read more about the Study Trips here.

Staying at IPC for an alternative programme the students can choose between following:

Art and Culture
This project is part of a multi-term project to beautify the corridors of IPC while also thinking critically about how we understand and represent ourselves and others through art.

Intensive Danish Language
This programmes consist of intensive Danish language lessons.

Danish Language folk high school class at International People's College in Denmark

The Power of Stand up Comedy
This program takes contemporary comedians as study cases and looks into public speaking from a humorous storytelling point of view.

In the afternoons and evenings activities such as regional dinners, concerts, excursions etc. will take place. Staying at IPC in the Alternative weeks is free of charge. 



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