Teacher – Susan Nyatanga 

African Studies, Human Rights, Us & Them, Youth Studies, Debate Club.

Susan was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Upon completing her BSc in Sociology from the University of Zimbabwe, her curiosity about the world and passion for travelling took her to Sierra Leone, where she worked for a UNDP consulting firm for a year and a half. The experience attained in the development field, and especially at an INGO, inspired her to advance her education. This led her to enroll for an MSc in Development and International Relations at Aalborg University.

The initial plan to live in Denmark for just two years of studies changed as the education, health system, politics, and the whole structure of the country became such an attraction that convinced her to call the country her second home. Further studies in International Teacher education commenced in 2014 at University College North, and were completed at the University College South Zealand in 2018. These created teaching placements within local Danish local schools, Danish International School as well as in China, Guangzhou.

Susan joined IPC in November 2018 as an hourly-paid and continues as a guest teacher from 2019-2020. Besides travelling, she is passionate about reading widely. She enjoys learning to cook dishes from around the world, with the help of international students and friends. She has recently begun to experiment with craft work i.e crochet, knitting and cross-stitch. According to her “finding yourself at an institution such as ours, IPC, there is a lot to learn from the diverse nationalities, not only from fellow staff but students too. We have role-reversal were students turn into teachers – they are a crucial resource especially as they bring their culture, skills and talents. One can easily tap into such a pool of knowledge and mutually develop and enrich one’s competencies.”

African Studies

Understand Africa from an insider perspective


Human Rights

This course explores critical questions and aims to address the centrality of human rights in global politics


Us & Them

We talk about shrinking borders, a global world and melting pots.


Youth Studies

Young people’s life in a fast, changing, global world, with impact from psychological, sociological and technological areas.


Debate Club

Learn to be comfortable in a debate and improve your skills.



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