Mette folk high school staff at international People's College in Denmark

Teacher – Mette Skamris

Subjects –  Outdoor and TeambuildingSustainable Gardening 1 and 2, Drama, Green Activism, DIY

Mette’s main interests are culture and the environment. She has an academic background in Anthropology and in Natural Resources and Development. Mette is very interested in renewable energy and happy that International People’s College covers a good part of its energy use with solar power. She has worked with international research in organic farming and been involved in sustainability projects in Denmark and abroad. Mette loves to find new ways for people to engage in environmental and climate issues. She thinks International People’s College is a superb place to try out new ways for sustainable living and spread them around the globe. Next to sustainability, Mette is also fascinated by cultural diversity and has volunteered, worked and travelled in many different countries doing social projects. In her spare time she enjoys designing and sewing her own clothes. Musical and drama performance has also been a joyful part of her life. Mette loves the outdoors.

Musical Acting and Dancing

Increase your awareness of physical, emotional and verbal expressions.



Environmental Studies

Environmental problems are complex and there are no easy solutions


Outdoor and Teambuilding

Hiking, swimming, treasure hunting, bicycling, cooking on bonfires and night activities such as hiking the dark and watching stars.


Sustainable Gardening 1 and 2

Permaculture and biodiversity is in focus – practise in our permaculture garden at IPC!


DIY: Environmentally Friendly Workshops

In class you will get a lot of practical skills – build, modify or repair.


Green Activism

Do you want to be part of the big global transition?



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