Marietta folk high school staff at international People's College in Denmark

Teacher – Marietta Kolind

SubjectsArchitecture and Design

Marietta is an architect and interior designer by education. Today she owns her own architecture studio near Copenhagen. When Marietta was young she had some crazy ideas but after many years of kayaking on the sea with nothing but the sky above her, living in a house in the forest and a beautiful and inspiring trip to Japan, she finds herself searching for order, minimalism and space for the human soul. Design must attract her eye, touch her heart and satisfy her brain. She especially likes innovative design created to help people. Occasionally, you can find her on top of a container full of junk looking for ‘gold’ she can redesign. Marietta thinks International People’s College is a place with lots of love, ideals and knowledge and she feels grateful to be part of it.

Architecture and Design

Understanding architecture and design opens up a world of sensual experiences.



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