Teacher, PR- and Communication Manager – Jannie Pallesen

Subjects: Exploring Denmark

Jannie was originally educated as a ‘visual anthropologist’ – in more layman’s terms – as a documentary filmmaker specializing in cultural differences. She also holds a Master’s in journalism. Since Jannie is both a journalist and a filmmaker, it made sense for her to work in the Danish TV industry, making TV documentaries for broadcast television, until she became aware of this wonderful place called International People’s College and started working here. Jannie is in charge of the PR & Communication at IPC, bringing IPC “moments” to  social media, updating the webpage, making brochures and other tasks. Other than that she also teaches Exploring Denmark at the school. Jannie’s private life consists mainly of taking care of her two kids Henry and Wilma, hosting dinners, bicycling, and Netflixing (of course). And she loves walking for hours listening to sound books and podcasts.

Exploring Denmark

Learn about Denmark and the Weird Danes!



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