Teacher – Gertrud Tinning

SubjectsCreative Writing, Development Management, Global Challenges, Green Activism

Gertrud was born and raised in Helsingør but has lived and worked abroad for many years. Professionally, Gertrud has worked for the United Nations in Colombia, Kenya and Sri Lanka. She has also done extensive field work and research in Bolivia, India, Ghana, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia and worked as a trainee consultant for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other organizations. Gertrud worked briefly as well with the institute of Geography at Roskilde University. She holds a masters in international development studies and geography from Roskilde University. Her main interests lies within international politics, economic trends and the environmental challenges the world is facing today. Aside from teaching Gertrud loves to read and write, listen to music and occasionally go on trekking and biking trips.

Creative Writing

Express yourself through writing in different ways.


Development Management

Become an entrepreneur! Learn how to manage projects and work in organizations.



Global Challenges

Globalization is changing economics and politics around the world. Learn about the possibilities and obstacles.



Green activism – a political and environmental line

Every choice you make are part of shaping the future for you, your friend and the generations to come.



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