Covid-19 Testing at International People’s College

At International People’s College all students and staff members are tested twice a week. We have five trained ‘Covid-19 testing managers’ at IPC, who are facilitating, managing, and observing students and staff self-test – or testing them if needed. Underneath you can read more about how we handle the Covid-19 testing at IPC.

Locations for testing

    1. Dining Hall
      Number of students: 30 – one member of staff (Covid-19 test manager). Testing happens sitting down around tables in the Dining Hall with a one meter distance to one another.
    2. Lecture Hall
      Number of students: 30 – one member of staff (Covid-19 test manager). Testing happens sitting down around tables in the Lecture Hall with a one meter distance to one another.
    3. Classroom 6 and 7
      Number of students: 28 – one member of staff (Covid-19 test manager). Testing happens sitting down around tables in the Classrooms with a one meter distance to one another.
    4. Manor House
      Number of staff: 12 – 16 –  one member of staff (Covid-19 test manager). Testing happens sitting down around tables in the Dining Hall with a one meter distance to one another.

All test locations are cleaned the same day.


Time slots for testing

All staff members and students are offered testing Tuesdays and Fridays at 8 – 8.30 A.M. at IPC. If students and staff members are not tested at IPC in these time slots, they must arrange for testing outside IPC themselves (within two days from the time slot offered at IPC – maximum 72 hours in between two tests). Students have to show proof of testing to their contact teacher. Two members of staff have to show proof of test per week (names are chosen by lottery).


Process for testing 

Procedure for the Covid-19 test manager responsible at given location:

  • Collect box from basement and set up room – ensuring distance between students, hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes distributed around room for use
  • Students sit down and there is a register call to check attendance
  • Students sanitize hands (two pumps and 30 secs of working into the skin)
  • Sanitize area – use wipes for table surface and name cards
  • Hand out test kit – 4 items (Test brick, swap, test solution and lid)
  • Lead through test:

–  Remove test from package

–  Check that they see yellow indicators and the test is viable

– Place test on name card, in addition to lid for solution vial

– Take test solution and remove the lid

– Take solution in non-dominant hand

– Take test swab in dominant hand, press through paper (make sure that the swab does not touch any surfaces)

– Place in first nostril – adjust angle until it is in line with the bottom of the earlobe – turn for the count of 15 seconds

– Insert swab in to the second nostril and repeat process

– Place swap in solution and rotate for 10 seconds

– Place swab with other rubbish on the table

– Place 4 drops of solution on round test window and lay vial next to test

– Set timer for 20 minutes

  • Check for control stripe on all tests
  • Wait for results
  • Record results on register


In case of all negative results:

  • Collect all waste in large plastic bag
  • Students to sanitize the area using wipes- sanitize hands
  • Check in with other student test groups- when all clear – everyone gets to get on with their day
  • Return box with resources to basement and restock where relevant
  • Deliver register with results to Jette Møller in the office.

In the case of a positive test:

  • All non-positive students to sanitize hands and area used and go to rooms to isolate
  • Students testing positive have to stay in their chairs and a Covid-19 test manager will come (in fully protection gear) and take saliva tests which will be driven to Pentabase in Herlev for further examination. If the tests are negative, the students can leave the test area once again, but if the tests are positive the Covid-19 strategy at IPC will unfold.
  • Inform Jette Møller (inform other groups so that students will be sent in to isolation)

N.b All the test equipment and sanitiser used for the testing at IPC are locked in the basement of Manor House next to a fire extinguisher – only staff at IPC can enter this room.


Communication with Danish Authoritatives and GDPR

All test results are reported to sundhedsdata.dk in the relevant SEI Schema by Jette Møller. Afterwards all the registers with test results are destroyed. Students and staff members are informed about how their test results – and personal information in relation to the testing – will be reported to the Danish Authorities (according to the current GPDR rules when it comes to Covid-19 testing of students in Denmark).


Contact Information 

1) Responsible for testing at IPC: Claus Staal, tlf: 21 96 52 71, claus@ipc.dk

2) Responsible for reporting test results and updating this page with correct information about testing procedures at IPC: Jette Møller, tlf: 31 33 40 56, jette@ipc.dk 

3) Covid-19 test managers at IPC:

  • Claus Staal, tlf: 21 96 52 71, claus@ipc.dk
  • Jette Møller, tlf: 31 33 40 56, jette@ipc.dk
  • Felicity Markdal, tlf: 25 21 86 22, felicity@ipc.dk
  • Mette Skamris, tlf: 60 88 64 02 , mette@ipc.dk
  • Nikolaj Sahlstrøm, tlf: 30 25 40 42 , nikolaj@ipc.dk

General Terms and Conditions

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Covid-19: Frequently asked Questions

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