The Wall of Peace

IPC Project: Peace-building & Dialogue in the Middle East

During the Alternative Weeks at IPC a group of students have made a cool project called ‘IPC Peace-building & Dialogue in the Middle East’ focusing on how peace can be created between Israel and Palestine. They made three different projects during the three weeks: The ‘Voices of Israel and palestine’,’IPC Wall of Peace’, and the case study and debate ‘The Jordan River Valley – Environmental Peacemaking’. Listen to the personal audio recordings of students from the war zone, see pictures of the political wall, and read through the case study underneath.


Voices from Israel and Palestine

Audio recordings of students from Israel and Palestine speaking about their own experiences and thoughts about the conflict, and personal stories about living in a war zone. Listen underneath.



IPC Wall of Peace






The Jordan River Valley – environmental peace making

Read more about the case study and debate here:

3. Red-Dead Debate Intro (Spring 2018)


The project was a part of the seminar ‘Spend a Day in the Middle East’ on the 30th of March 2019 at IPC.


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