And just like that GREASE is over ? We’ve been trough a lot of stress and concerns but all of it was worth it. We all did such an amazing job on our performances and I’m so thankful for having the opportunity of working and learning with my fellow students and teachers. I’m going to miss it so much! - João Luís Rockenbach, Brazil, Spring Term 2018

Musical Acting and Dancing

Teacher(s): Mette Skamris with the help of the Dancing Team

Lessons: 4/week


In our Folk High School Musical Acting and Dancing class four courses will collaborate to create a folk high school musical production at International People’s College: Musical Acting and Dancing, Choir, Stagecraft and Bandplaying. In class we will focus on learning your lines, getting into character, stage presence, voice projection, flow and collaboration. The dance choreographies will be developed mainly by students and will be tailored to the scenes and songs in the musical, with some additional general dance exercises for fun and warming-up.

Through this Folk High School Musical Acting and Dancing Class you will improve your performance and communication skills, and get more experience on stage.

Kindly note that this class also includes some Saturdays and Sundays, and as part of the actor’s team you are expected to learn your lines and solo-singing parts outside of class. Please note that Choir is mandatory if you take this class, while other aspects of the Theatre Production Ensemble are optional.


“With any part you play, there is a certain amount of yourself in it. There has to be, otherwise it’s just not acting. It’s lying.”

(Johnny Depp (Actor))

Pictures: Grease Musical


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